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Tribute to a walking champion - Wellington City Councillor Chris Calvi-Freeman 4 Apr 2017 Blog entry Activities Wellington region, Wellington
New report in to short trips in Wellington 21 Jul 2009 Blog entry Wellington region
Study on a sample of Wellington walkways as published in the NZ Medical Journal. 13 Mar 2015 Blog entry Policy Wellington region, Wellington
Quality of Life survey acknowledges Wellington's walkability 6 Apr 2009 Blog entry Safety, Government Department, Ministry of Health, Local government Wellington region, Wellington
Success for walking advocates 15 Feb 2010 Blog entry Living Streets Aotearoa, Safety Wellington region, Wellington
Walking and the role of 'dollars and sense' in travel behaviour change initiatives in the Wellington Region 24 Aug 2010 Conference Papers behaviour change, Community Engagement, Conference papers, Council investment, Maps & Guides, schools, Walking strategies Wellington region
NZ Walking Awards Ceremony 2 Jul 2009 Event Activities Wellington region
The flaneur and sojourner - talk by Daniel Sauter 20 Oct 2014 Event active transport, place making, social dimension, sustainable, transport, urban planning, walk, Walkability Wellington region
Jane's Walk in Wellington this May 2 Apr 2021 Event Wellington region
Living Streets Aotearoa AGM in Wellington 1 Nov 2015 Event AGM, members, walking Wellington region
Make a Space at Open Streets Wellington - Te Ara Tapere ki Pōneke 22 Oct 2018 Event open street, placemaking, Wellington event Wellington region, Wellington
Walking at night - how CPTED can be used to make the night walk-environment safer and more pleasant 28 Jun 2015 Event attitude to walking, CPTED, Design and planning, night time walking, urban design Wellington region
Walking to 2040: footpath design 24 Jan 2011 Event Design and planning Wellington region, Wellington
Jane's Walk Wellington - are we connected? 23 Apr 2023 Event Cobham Drive, connection, urbanism, Walkability, walkability Wellington region, Wellington
Walking to a healthier, brighter, more equitable future with Gil Penalosa 21 Jun 2016 Event older people, walkability, Walkability, young people Wellington region, Wellington
Open Street Sunday 22 September Wellington 2 Sep 2013 Event activities, Community Engagement, event, open street, Wellington City Wellington region
Wellington Park(ing) Day 5 March - Take a walk on the green side 25 Feb 2021 Event Community Engagement, street activity Wellington region, Wellington
Spring Clean the Steps 3 Sep 2015 Event Activities, community, Steps, walk, wellington Wellington region, Wellington
Dress for Success Wellington 19 Apr 2013 Event Wellington region, Wellington
Wellington committee meeting - Living Streets Aotearoa 31 Mar 2015 Event Walking strategies Wellington region
Wellington Jane's Walk 3 May 2024 Event civic walks, Community Engagement, Jane's walk, walks in wellington city Wellington region, Wellington
Wellingtonians Walk 2 Work on Wednesday 6 Mar 2008 News Health, Walk 2 Work Day Wellington region, Wellington
Living Streets Wellington is supporting World Car-Free Day on September 22nd 2008 17 Sep 2008 News Activities, World Car-Free Day Wellington region
Wellington Tuesday lunchtime walks 7 Mar 2018 News walk, Wellington City, News items Wellington region
Health workers make healthy transport choices 18 Mar 2008 News DHB, Health, Walk 2 Work Day, Local government Wellington region, Porirua
Great Harbour Way needs political commitment NOW 24 Jul 2008 News Great Harbour Way Wellington region, Hutt, Wellington
Food is the fuel of walkers 6 Mar 2008 News Walk 2 Work Day Wellington region
Wellington wants better walking - vote for candidates who’ll make walking better, safer and easier 16 Sep 2022 News Greater Wellington, local body elections 2022, wellington, Survey Wellington region, Wellington
Registrations are now open for the Summer Steps Challenge 29 Jan 2010 News Walk2Work Wellington region, Canterbury, Wellington , Christchurch
Wellingtonians Walk 2 Work 19 Mar 2008 News Activities, Walk 2 Work Day Wellington region, Wellington
Golden Foot Age Concern presentation 27 Oct 2022 Gallery Image Case Studies, Living Streets Aotearoa, Presentations Wellington region, Wellington
Lower Hutt 29 Jun 2009 Page Lower Hutt Wellington region, Hutt
Finding Wellington's walking paths 5 Jul 2009 Page Maps, routes and pathways Wellington region, Wellington
GWRC 10 year plan submission 2006 1 Jul 2006 Page Submissions Wellington region
Ngauranga to Airport Airport Draft Corridor Plan July 2008 1 Jul 2008 Page Submissions Wellington region
The footways of Highbury 5 Jul 2009 Page Highbury, Maps, routes and pathways Wellington region, Wellington
Tuesday Lunchtime Wellington Walks 5 Jul 2009 Page civic walks, guided walks, Recreation, walks wellington, walks wellington city, Wellington walks Wellington region, Wellington
Maps of Wellington City and related texts 23 Sep 2004 Page Maps, routes and pathways Wellington region, Wellington
Wellington Peace Heritage Walk 11 Jan 2010 Page maps, Maps & Guides, peace, walks, wellington, Maps, routes and pathways, NZ NGO or non-profit / community group Wellington region, Wellington
Town Centre Submission to Wellington City Council 2008 14 Jul 2008 Page Living Streets Aotearoa, Submissions Wellington region
Newtown Berhampore walking map edition 1 2006 (back) 5 Jul 2009 Page Maps & Guides, Maps, routes and pathways Wellington region, Wellington
Submission on VUW Travel Plan 1 Jul 2007 Page Submissions Wellington region
080623_LSW_min 23 Jun 2008 Page Minutes/Agenda Wellington region
LSW_09_02_mins 23 Feb 2009 Page Minutes/Agenda Wellington region, Wellington
Five lunchtime walks from Parliament 5 Jul 2009 Page Recreation, Maps, routes and pathways Wellington region, Wellington
LSW_08_02_mins 25 Feb 2008 Page Minutes/Agenda Wellington region, Wellington
WCC ICSC Welllington Indoor Community Sports Centre 2008 (1) 1 Jul 2008 Page Submissions Wellington region, Wellington
Pedestrian shortcuts to Victoria University and Kelburn 5 Jul 2009 Page Victoria University, Maps, routes and pathways Wellington region, Wellington
Submission on Vision Seaview Grecefield 1 Apr 2010 Page Design and planning, Living Streets Aotearoa, Lower Hutt, Submissions Wellington region, Hutt
Porirua City Centre Nov 2007 1 Jul 2007 Page Submissions Wellington region, Porirua

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