eBulletin September 2009


  1. Walk2Work national co-ordinator
  2. 2010 NZ Walking Conference
  3. New President for Living Streets
  4. Safer Journeys
  5. Leave your car at home
  6. 80 years young

Walk2Work national co-ordinator

Living Streets Aotearoa is looking for a professional and experienced campaign/event organiser to ensure the successful delivery of the 2010 Walk2Work campaign.  We are looking for someone to work as an external consultant, to support the local groups to organise their events and develop interactive web pages (with technical assistance) to support this and to prepare and coordinate national publicity.  This is a contracted position for someone working from home, so can be located anywhere around the country, but preferably close to one of the main centres. More information

2010 NZ Walking Conference

Planning is underway for the 2010 walking conference which will be held in Wellington in late July 2010.  Living Streets is looking for three or four enthusiastic people to be part of the organizing committee for the conference.  To find out more, contact liz.thomas@livingstreets.org.nz

New President for Living Streets

Living Streets held its AGM in July and elected a new president, Peter Kortegast.  He replaces Celia Wade-Brown, who had been president since 2002.  The annual report and AGM minutesare on our website.  On the same weekend, the inaugural Walking Awards were presented by NZTA Board member Alick Shaw at a ceremony in the Wellington Council Chambers. 

Safer Journeys

The Ministry of Transport is developing the new road safety strategy Safer Journeys for release in December.  They have put out a discussion document, asking for feedback on the priorities for improving safety on the roads.  This is of paramount interest for walkers as we are the most vulnerable road users.  More people would walk if they felt that our roads and the people who drive on them were safer.  So have your say - you can read the document, make an on-line submission, or join in the on-line forum click here

Leave your car at home

Car free day is celebrated worldwide on 22nd September.  It’s an opportunity to demonstrate how pleasant life could be if there were fewer vehicles on the roads, and more people feeling safe to walk and cycle.  I was in Amsterdam a couple of years ago, and on Car Free Day entire streets were closed to traffic, and people dined on long tables down the middle of the street.  There are lots of good ideas on the car free day website and check out the great banner across the top of this website 

80 years young

At 7 years old, Living Streets Aotearoa is a toddler compared with our sister organization, Living Streets UK who celebrate their eightieth year of operation this year.  You can read all about their long history here.  The spring edition of Footprints, our quarterly newsletter, has an article on the history of Living Streets Aotearoa, written by founding member and past president Celia Wade-Brown.  I wonder what the world will be like when we celebrate our 80th birthday!!!  Footprints has been sent out to our members and is on our website here