Our People

Executive Council

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President - Andy Smith

Andy was a software writer since the early 1970’s and has worked in the Finance, Telemarketing and Data Warehousing industries around the world; getting their computer systems to sit up and beg.  He now spends his time in the Not For Profit (NFP) sector as a volunteer and has a Graduate Diploma in NFP Management.  He is a Trustee of the SkyPath project, maintains the websites and mailing lists for them, Living Streets Aotearoa, Walk Auckland and the Auckland Folk Festival.

Vice President - Ellen Blake

Ellen has been a Wellington walker all her life and enjoyed walking and using public transport everywhere I've been - it is the most interesting way to get around.  I noticed issues around walking when I had small children; instantly, vehicles parked and driving, or riding, along footpaths become a big concern, and crossing the road another challenge.  I am interested in ensuring walking is given much more prominence as the priority sustainable transport mode and that it is better incorporated in urban design.

Secretary -  Chris Teo-Sherrell

Chris is a City Councilor in Palmerston North City. As councilor Chris promotes healthier, less polluting transport, waste minimization and enhanced neighbourhood vitality.

Meg Christie

Meg works for Community and Public Health (CDHB) as an Active Transport Health Promoter; promoting the health benefits to the individual and the community in general of walking, cycling and using public transport for utility journeys.  She comes from a background of occupational therapy where the mobility and  social connectiveness of her clients- and being able to safely get to places they needed to be- played a big part in their wellness. Meg enjoys walking, running and cycling, (especially cycle touring) and so has a private as well as professional agenda to reduce vehicular congestion on our network.

Gay Richards

Gay is a librarian managing the Injury Prevention Information Centre based at The Univerisity of Auckland Tamaki Campus   She is involved in her local community  as chair of a newly incorporated residents' group.  Gay uses public transport evey day and promotes the importance of the accessible journey and good walking links to connect communities.

Eleanor Stanton

An Auckland walking advocate.