Minutes Executive Council meeting 15 November 2010

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Minutes of Executive Council Meeting

15 November 2010

Meeting held by telephone conference call


Present:  Rhys Taylor (chairing meeting), Daphne Bell, Liz Thomas, Meg Christie, Gay Richards (took the minutes)


Apologies:  Andy Smith, Mike Mellor, Chris Teo-Sherrell, Peter Kortegast, Willemijn Vermaat


Rhys opened meeting; confirmed that we had a quorum of 4.

Resolved: Daphne, Gay
That apologies be accepted.


Confirmation of Minutes of 13 September 2010 meeting

Resolved  Meg, Daphne , carried

That the minutes of Executive Council meeting held 13 September 2010 be confirmed.


Matters Arising

Lotteries Grant

Noted that Footprints, website, e-bulletin and pointing groups to resources fulfil the requirements of this grant. Need to report to grantor by April/May.  Next issue of Footprints due before end of year.


ACTION: Liz  to allocate proportion of costs from last two issues of Footprints, office overheads etc, also website work to the Lottery Grant.


ACTION: Liz to put together a project proposal to gather and edit – seek interest from members for producing two issues. Proposed honorarium to be in the order of $250 per issue for commissioning editor role and $250 for production edting to finished layout. The latter task to be offered to Freda Wells in the first instance.


Website maintenance - Willemijn and Gay – to look at continuity and updating.


Fiona has been farewelled. Meg gave her a Simple Shoes voucher on behalf of Living Streets.


Contract position to end of year

Resolved: Daphne, Rhys, carried
That the Executive ratify the appointment of Liz Thomas on contract for wind-down of Wellington office until closure during December 2010. 

Rhys acknowledged Liz’s patience in a trying time. Daphne noted that we are very fortunate that Liz is available. Liz advised that her last day of work would be 17 December.


Director’s Report to end October:

Liz will put in hours before 17 December – is then away.

Furniture and equipment to be disposed of through sale on TradeMe, or gift on Freecycle, etc.


Agreed that external hard drive and camera from Christchurch office can be purchased by Fiona Whero at their current depreciated value.

Mike has tentatively offered storage space for records etc from Wellington office. Best option to date.


ACTION: Rhys to ask Mike if he is able to store, or suggest alternative in Wellington.


Gay offered to be contact for phone redirection  - home number and/or cellphone
 09 445 6568 ;  mob: 021 1747 066 – also put this on website.

Mailbox – Rhys to check whether Mike can collect mail.

Andy to be responsible for accounts until new Treasurer appointed.


Two recent donations of $1,000 and $600 noted. Also noted that it was Hutt branch which achieved one of these – part at least of the money raised should be made available to them if they have an appropriate local Living Streets project to put it towards.


Public liability insurance discussed – noted that this covers branches when they hold events. Details of cover and endorsements/excesses should be communicated to branches.

Resolved: Rhys, Daphne, carried
That the premium for Public Liability renewal for 2010-2011 be paid.

Decided not to renew professional indemnity insurance at this time but to review if major projects are undertaken that require it.


Walk 2 Work 2011 – decided that central coordination not needed this year. Just refresh resources available on website. Executive to get media releases out, particularly focusing on local news stories. Monitor and consider what is needed in future.

ACTION: Liz to remind members, stakeholders of 2011 date: 16 March.

ACTION:  Meg and Gay to look at W2W resources.


Walking Awards – look at the CAN model for running these in 2011. Need to establish cost and have sponsors to cover this. Should be held in conjunction with AGM – date between June and September.

ACTION: Gay to place on agenda for first Executive meeting in 2011. Also look to see that former sponsors are appropriately recognised on current website.


Noted that the Safety 2012 World conference will be held in Wellington, 1-5 October 2012.  Gay will keep tabs on this conference and look out for any speakers who may be of interest to our members.


2011 Face to Face meeting for Executive.
ACTION: Rhys to suggest & consult Exec on dates for meeting in Christchurch – late March.


Financial Report (September / October 2010)

Resolved: Daphne, Meg, Carried
That the financial reports for September and October 2010 be received.


Greening the Rubble – Christchurch

Potential contract coordination of temporary open spaces access project in Christchurch.

Meg spoke to this. Rhys declared conflict of interest in the potential work role. The project has considerable support in Christchurch branch. Gay asked how long the project was expected to last and how many sites were involved. Meg said the project was expected to last only 6 months or a year, and involve three sites.

Resolved: Daphne, Meg, Carried
To support in principle Living Streets Aotearoa exploring taking on the (funded) coordinating role for Christchurch’s Greening the Rubble project.


Auckland Spatial plan

Liz advised that a response to the letter written by Gay, to register interest, had been received and would email this to Gay.


Meeting closed 7.50pm


Next Meeting 13 December at 7.00 pm  Note later time








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