Community street reviews and audits


Community Street Reviews were developed by Living Streets Aotearoa, and further developed and supported by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). They are an ideal method for assessing pedestrian satisfaction and the quality of the walking environment.

See the method here on the NZTA site.

A Community Street Review is an assessment of the walkability of a route from the point of view of the users.  It focuses on the peoples perceptions - how they feel when walking a particular route.  It collects data on safety, functionality of the pedestrian space, ease of road crossings, effects of urban design and other walkability factors.   The full methodology is described in

Living Streets Aotearoa offers a service to Councils to assist them in assessing the walkability of streets and routes by running Community Street Reviews.  Find out why you should conduct a Community Street Review in your area.

Living Streets carried out a Community Street review for Wellington City Council (see our example in Brooklyn). 

Our Christchurch branch has been audting the streets that have Road Works.  Below attached is the form they developed.



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