Reply from Hon Julie Anne Genter, Associate Minister of Transport

: 14 May 2020

I just got this response to my email asking for time extension etc for Accessible Streets.

 What I read in this letter is that disabled pedestrians will be adversely impacted but we don't care. We put consultation documents out in accessible formats (a Government standard approach you will know), we are going to do a disability assessment later, and anyway 15km hour on a footpath is an improvement. 


Covid-19 resources #1

: 5 May 2020

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Call to Action on the Accessible Streets package

: 13 Apr 2020

Call to Action on the Accessible Streets package


E-scooters, E-bikes and other motorised devices as well as bikes ridden by people of any age will be allowed to be used on footpaths if you don’t say ‘No’.



Accessible Streets package not good for walkers

: 9 Mar 2020

Living Streets Aotearoa and the Footpaths for Feet Coalition strongly criticise the government's Accessible Streets package, released today (Monday 9/3/2020).

This was such an opportunity for a great rebalancing of the transport system to be achieved, in which modes that move at different speeds would be separated. instead, with one exception this package is even more anti-pedestrian than we feared it might be.

It's open slather on pedestrians! They should really have called it the Inaccessible Streets package as far as pedestrians are concerned.