ShapeNZers take to the pavement

The latest ShapeNZ poll found 49% of respondents walked rather than used their car "in the past year to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help manage climate change". The survey didn't attempt to tease out who had done it for these noble reasons rather than trying to limit the haemorrhaging in their wallet resulting from petrol price rises, but at least it asked. And what it means is there are more people opting for the footpath. Frogblog made some interesting comments on the socio-economic variation in the figures.
The survey notes the people who are most likely to consider changing their transport for environmental reasons are in households earning less than $20,000 a year, one parent families with one or two children, flatting or boarding – or living in an extended family. These are some of the people that can benefit most from the universal policy of improved accessible efficient and affordable public transport.
Well said.
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