Executive Council Minutes December 2008

Living Streets Aotearoa Inc
Minutes of Executive Council Meeting
held 8 December 2008 at 6.00 p.m.
Meeting held by telephone conference call
Present: Celia Wade-Brown, Liz Thomas, Mike Mellor (Wellington); Daphne Bell (Hamilton); Peter Kortegast (Nelson); Rhys Taylor (Christchurch); Andy Smith (Auckland), Gay Richards (North Shore) took the minutes
Apologies: Ralph Chapman, Carina Duke, Graeme Easte
1. Welcome
Celia welcomed everyone.

2. Conflicts of interest
None raised.
3. Director's Performance Review and Salary Review (In committee - Liz not present)
Celia and Mike reported on the Director’s performance review conducted on 25 November.  They reported very satisfactory performance overall.  Executive and stakeholders have been kept in the loop well this year.
It was noted that there is a need to sell our achievements more. Executive may need to take this role more.
Resolved: (Mike, Celia; carried)
To accept the Director’s 2009 Performance Review.
Mike sought advice from executive on percentage increase for Salary Review. In view of very satisfactory performance and the increase in staff responsibilities a 5% increase was recommended to be effective from 1 January 2009.
Resolved: (Mike, Andy; carried)
That the Director be offered a salary increase as recommended by the Executive.
4. Review of Director's 2009 key responsibilities and performance indicators (In committee – Liz not present)
Action: Celia to circulate current list of indicators, Executive to provide comments to Mike by 12 December.
5. 2009 Face to Face meeting
Liz recommended Wellington as minimises travel. Date confirmed as weekend 28/29 March It was noted that this will include Earth hour on the Saturday evening. Liz will look for a venue with accommodation on site.
Agenda to include Budget and Annual plan, and review of Strategic plan.
Action: Executive to send suggestions for agenda. Rhys to work with Celia on planning agenda.
6.  2009 Street Cred – Advocacy planning weekend
Date confirmed as 24 - 26 July, beginning with Walking Awards on the Friday evening.
Venue for Walking Awards discussed – must be an accessible building. Would be ideal to have event at Parliament hosted by an MP. May need to be a local MP as it is a Friday night. Appropriate Minister or CEO to launch awards to discussed. Will depend on availability.    Street Cred weekend will involve Executive and advocates from around country and staff as appropriate – around 25 people. Planning is progressing with Fiona, Kelvin and Janet working on this. It was decided that an Executive member should also be involved – Andy offered to help.
Weekend will also include AGM on Saturday 25 July in the afternoon. pm. Fiona, Kelvin & Janet working on it. An exec member should also be involved – Andy to help.
Action: Andy to work with staff on Street Cred planning.
Action: Gay to check key dates for notifying AGM and check who wishes to stand for Executive again and seek nominations.
7. Walking Awards
Peter provided discussion document on type and number of awards and level of funding needed. Sexiest walking shoe suggested as quirky award for media hook.
It was recommended that the accessibility award would be better coming from a more expert disability agency– to be discussed with Carina, Alexia or Viv Naylor – Barrier Free Trust.
Discussion about the number of awards. Will aim for five awards. Agreed that cash prizes not needed. Possibly a golden foot? There is some money from NZTA, need to budget for brochures, publicity etc. Should aim for awards to be self funding in future through sponsorship. This year can budget $10,000.
Action: Peter to work with Celia and Liz and Janet. It is estimated to be three or four weeks work to get media going well.  Should consider talking with a communications company who may want to be associated with the event. Can the project officer do it.
8. Street Audit Policy
To be deferred to Feb 2009 meeting.
9. Walk Wellington
Action: Liz and Celia to arrange meeting with Walk Wellington in January if possible.
10.  Risk Management Policy
To be dealt with by email based on document circulated by Celia.
11. Director’s Report
Liz highlighted meeting with Liana from Hikurangi Foundation. This Foundation aims to progress sustainability initiatives by working with other organisations.  National cycle network, to link where appropriate with Te Araroa, discussed as a possible project. Foundation aims to be a catalyst for good ideas.
Lucy and Janet working on publicity, support for groups around the country for Walk2Work day – 18 March.
Noted that a West Coast group is in formation.
Action: Liz to advise the dates of Rodney Tolley’s visit
Resolved: (Moved Celia, Mike; carried)
That Director’s Report be received.
12. Financial Report

Celia queried whether the accounts showed how much money left for year. Andy commented that accounts show expenditure against budget.
Celia reminded Executive that there is money for conference attendances. Participating in other organisations’ conferences can be effective way of raising the profile of walking.
Resolved: (Moved Andy, Peter; carried)
That the Financial Report be received.

15. Confirmation of previous Executive Council minutes
Resolved: (Moved Daphne, Peter; carried)
That the minutes of the a

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