Executive Council Minutes February 2008

Living Streets Aotearoa Executive Council
Minutes of Meeting held 11 February 2008 at 6.00 p.m.
Meeting held by telephone conference call
Present: Celia Wade-Brown, Liz Thomas (at Wellington), Daphne Bell (Hamilton); Carina Duke (Christchurch); Andy Smith, Graeme Easte (Auckland); Gary Stewart (Waitakere) ;  Scribe: Gay Richards (North Shore); Ralph Chapman (Wellington) – apologies for lateness – joined 6.30pm)
Apologies: Roger Boulter, Mike Mellor,  
1. Welcome
Celia welcomed members to the call especially Graeme Easte and Gary Stewart who had connection problems last time.

2. Conflicts of Interest
None noted

3. Conference 2008 – progress report
Liz reported on progress so far
–       two teleconference meetings held – third will be on Wed 13th;
–       Harding Consultants signed as conference organisers
–       Slogan agreed – “Double the feet on the street” and agreement to reached on Wed on how this looks on the website
–       Call for abstracts and information for sponsors being finalised.
–       Dan Burden (US) has indicated he would be interested in being keynote
–       Gay has prepared How to get to Waipuna with emphasis on walking and public transport connections, Belinda to provide links for arranging shared transport
Exec liked Double the feet. Celia thought Dan would be good and may be able to present to others around the country.
Celia queried whether someone other than Liz could be Chair/Convenor of the Conference to spread the load better.  Conference Committee will discuss this on Wed but there may be no takers.  Liz would still be involved with administrative work.
There was some discussion on who should get fee rebates – members, presenters.  Want to avoid the confusion caused by not-for-profit rebate this time.  Seems reasonable that presenters could get small rebate in recognition of their contribution although not generally offered at other conferences.  There should be some analysis of last conference attendees to see just who came and from what organisations.  Celia keen to see that we don’t stray from usual conferences practices, unless we have specific reason.
Marketing of conference has begun with email asking people to diary the dates (4th & 5th August) and note on website.  Call for papers and putting up conference website will happen soon.
Actions Liz to send Celia list of possible sponsors
            Liz to send Executive link to Dan’s website so they can know more about him
            Minutes of Conference Committee meetings to be sent to all Executive
            Discuss Convenor role at next Conference Committee meeting
Liz to analyse past attendees to help inform fee structure.
4. Recruitment of Project Officer
Thirty applications were received.  As agreed Liz, Celia and Mike interviewed 4 candidates.
A person has been offered the position and has had further discussions with Liz about flexibility to fit in with school holidays etc.  This person has skills to people management skills so won’t have to do all projects herself.  Verbal acceptance has been received.
Action: Liz to include person’s name in these minutes if signed contract received this week.
Carol Comber has confirmed her acceptance of this position.
5. Submission on  Sustainable Transport  discussion document - Update of the NZ Transport Strategy
Celia has not had a chance to draft LSA submission.  Deadline has been extended to 29 Feb. Wants to be generally supportive but would like to see walking and cycling targets separated and stretched a little perhaps 25% walking 10% cycling – these targets are for 2040.  It would be good to have some intermediate, more short term targets too.  Celia to get draft on website for comment as soon as possible.  Gay will forward School of Population Health, UofA draft submission when she sees it.
Action: Celia to prepared draft submission for comment

6. Executive Face to Face meeting
It was explained that this was the only opportunity other than agm/conference for LSA Executive and staff to get together.  Daphne said how useful she found it last year as a new Executive member.  Would be an opportunity for new Projects Officer and Fiona to meet everyone.  Can be combined with Advocates training – part of second day.  Proposed dates Sat/Sun 12/13 April.  This may be beginning of some school holidays.  Everyone at meeting, except Andy indicated they could attend.  Andy could attend Sunday so budget session could be scheduled for Sunday morning.
Purpose of meeting includes update of Strategic Plan, formulation of Communications Strategy, working on current business plan and some explanation of budget.  Also an opportunity to have dinner together Sat night. Agreed it should be in Wellington this year.  Living Streets will pay reasonable airfares – book early  Billets can be arranged, or stay with friends.  If necessary backpacker accommodation (private room) could be paid for by Living Streets.
Action: Liz to plan day, check whether advocates day is required in contract and confirm dates as soon as possible.
7. Pilot Work to Work Day – Wellington
Celia explained that LSA had been approached to do this to fit in with WCC’s Stepping out month in March.  Has committed to 19 March.  Will need to be coordinated by someone, possibly new Projects Officer with extra payment.  Idea is to build some media interest, offer breakfast to anyone who has walked at least part of journey to work – encourage a 30 minute walk – modelled on UK day.  LSA would target known walking routes providing information about LSA etc.  Members of Executive outside Wellington should consider how this could be adapted to their city. LSA will learn from pilot and see if it is feasible to go national in 2009.
Action: Liz to circulate information on Wellington campaign, including media copy etc as it progresses
8. Auckland Regional Walking and Cycling Forum
Celia explained that Katie Marriott (ARTA’s new part-time walking/cycling coordinator) had indicated that she wanted to know more about what walkers wanted when she sent out the agenda for the next meeting, to be held in March.  Andy and Graeme were unsure of what was really wanted and explained some of the history of the forum which has tended to be dominated by council officers, and where cycling had very effective advocates who overshadowed walkers at times. Andy explained that Walk Auckland had compiled 7 points for walkers to be discussed at Walk Auckland’s meeting on Tues (12 Feb).  These could be presented by Walk Auckland at next forum.  It was noted that Walk Auckland can only effectively represent Auckland City.  LSA has commitment to encourage walking advocacy groups in Manukau and Waitakere and Walk Auckland would have a role in supporting them.  Walk Auckland / LSA should encourage anyone working on walking projects in area to bring these to the notice of the forum.

9. Footprints
Draft has been circulated.  Liz mentioned that colour had been considered but even a small amount was quite expensive  This needs to be considered as part of Communications Strategy.  Celia urged people to provide any snippets.  Gay will actively look for overseas news but others should too, and send to Jackie Bell current editor.  Jackie has indicated she would like to step down as editor but a call for interested people last year met with silence.  May need to consider some remuneration, paid advertising.  Gay offered to write something about Panmure Basin – well kept secret – would be good in lead up to conference, Celia could profile Dan Burden.
Action Liz to provide Executive with information about how many copies distributed, what sort of people, organisations it goes to.

10. Jury Service Leave Policy
This was circulated by email and there was a general consensus that only one week’s pay was too restrictive, although LSA may have good reason to request that the staff member be excused if a long trial was likely which would impact on a small office staff.
Resolved (Moved Daphne/Gay; carried) 
That the Jury Policy be accepted with the deletion of paragraph 3 and deletion of the words
 “for that week” at the end of paragraph 5.

11. Director’s Report
There was some discussion about the need for CRM software.  Liz explained that contact and membership information was held on a number of yahoo databases which were becoming unmanageable.  There are about 600 contacts but a number of duplications due to people’s dual roles as member or council officer etc.  Andy offered to assist with the evaluation of LSA’s database management needs.  This along with the desire to upgrade the website content management are connected with the Communications Strategy although the software is more to do with how things are done, rather than what is done.  Celia proposed that a sub-group be formed to draft the Communications Strategy before the Face to Face meeting in April.
The lack of meetings and lack of advisory input in relation to the Getting There Advisory Group was noted.  Liz and Celia have worked hard to make this more effective – there will be a meeting 21 Feb although LSA are not entirely happy with the agenda
Resolved (Moved Celia/Carina; carried)
            That the Director’s Report be received.

12. Financial Report
Noted that reports were for December and January.  Andy distributed updated P&L budget analysis including January on day of meeting.  Liz and Andy need to check that they have same documentation.
Resolved (Moved Andy/Celia; carried)
            That the financial reports for December 2007 and January 2008 be received.

13. Minutes of meeting 10 December 2007
Celia thanked Gay for preparing a good minutes – informative for those not present at the meeting.
Resolved (moved: Gay/Daphne; carried
That the minutes of the meeting of 10 December be accepted
14. Matters Arising
Allocation of Portfolios deferred to next meeting.  If you are not Secretary or Treasurer be ready for Celia to ask you to take on a role.
Call for a Submissions Co-ordinator was met with silence.  This role would take the burden off Liz/Celia – someone may need to be shoulder tapped.
Walking Conference – Barcelona (early October) – Celia explained that LSA likes to send one staff member and someone from the Executive.  Would not meet cost of travel to Europe but if you are already going to Europe will pay registration, possibly some accommodation.
Action: Celia will contact people to be part of Communications Strategy sub group – may co-opt from beyond Executive.
Celia to contact people re portfolios

15. For discussion at next meeting
Communications Strategy
Attendance at Barcelona Conference
Meeting adjourned 7.20 pm

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