Executive Council Minutes February 2009

Living Streets Aotearoa Inc

Minutes of Executive Council Meeting

held 16 February 2009 at 6.00 p.m.

Meeting held by telephone conference call

Present: Celia Wade-Brown, Liz Thomas (Wellington); Daphne Bell (Hamilton); Andy Smith (Auckland); Carina Duke (Christchurch); Gay Richards (North Shore) took the minutes

Apologies: Mike Mellor, Peter Kortegast, Rhys Taylor; Carina Duke (for lateness)

1. Welcome

Celia welcomed everyone.

2. Conflicts of interest

None declared

3. Walk2Work update

Most issues covered In Director’s report.  Gay queried banner and possibility of an registration form that could be submitted electronically. Liz explained that some groups had asked for a banner, and said a centrally submitted registration was not appropriate. The great expansion in the number of groups participating in Work2Work noted.

Carina joined teleconference

4. Face to Face – 28-29 March

Venue to be Capital House.  Daphne asked if there was slot for international opportunities – Celia said there would be.

Ralph will come for one day, all others – staff and Executive have confirmed their attendance. Celia noted that she is serious about succession being on the agenda, in preparation for AGM in July.

5. Walking Awards – 24 July

Celia reported on progress on Peter’s behalf. There is a suggestion that they are only every two years  This was agreed and it was agreed to continue as planned for this year but reduce amount sponsors are asked for.

6. Consultancy / commercial arm / Go Smart / commercial arm

Paper circulated. This needs to be explored as a way of attracting non-NZTA funding. 

Celia happy to lead this process and asked for those prepared to work on investigating subcommittee. Andy asked to be included and Peter may also be involved.

Resolved: (Celia, Daphne; carried)
To jointly explore and pursue the feasibility of commercial operations with CAN

Action: Celia to seek others on Executive who may wish to join this subcommittee

7. Volunteer Policy

Volunteer policy circulated by Andy discussed. Agreed with minor amendments.

Volunteers should receive reimbursement of agreed costs. Volunteers should be provided with a certificate of service. LSA will need to keep a record of hours. It should be clarified that this policy is broader than just volunteers doing street audits.

Resolved: (Andy, Daphne, carried)
To accept Volunteer Policy as amended.

8. Risk Management

Celia apologised that this was not ready for tonight’s discussion

ACTION: Celia to circulate before Face to Face with discussion by email.

9. Director’s Report (Liz)

Liz noted that WalkIt is being migrated to new website without too much difficulty. It should be easier to search. Progress is being made. Rob and Liz congratulated on moving forward.

Action: Liz to send taxonomies / website structure information to Executive for their information.

It was noted that Janet (Projects Officer) has completed a number of projects.

Carina asked who is doing street reviews in Waimakariri? A discussion of the Street Audit project and LSA’s involvement followed. Fiona does not appear to be involved in the South Island training. It was noted that LSA would like to be more involved and recognised.

Action: Carina to find out more about the background to this.

Action: Liz to investigate where NZTA pedestrian planning training is at?

Noted that Kaikoura is developing a walking strategy – Carina put submission in from RNZFB. Question raised about Mackenzie and Waimate strategies.

10. Financial Report (Andy)

Micro-funding to councils explains small amounts going out.

It was noted that a draft budget, with various options needed for Face to Face.

Resolved: (Andy,Celia; Carried)
That Financial Reports for December 2008 and January 2009 be accepted.

11. Confirmation of December 2008 minutes

Resolved: (Gay, Andy; carried)

That the minutes of the Executive meeting held 8 December 2008 be confirmed.

Meeting closed 7.05pm

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