Executive Council Minutes July 2008

Living Streets Aotearoa Executive Council
Minutes of Meeting held 3 July 2008 at 6.00 p.m.
Meeting held by telephone conference call
Present: Celia Wade-Brown, Liz Thomas, Mike Mellor (Wellington), Daphne Bell (Hamilton); Carina Duke (Christchurch); Scribe: Gay Richards (North Shore)
Apologies: Andy Smith, Graeme Easte (Auckland)  
1. Welcome
Celia welcomed members to the call

2. Conflicts of Interest
Daphne noted intention to not to participate in discussion of 5C

3. AGM
Notification requirements were discussed and the following actions agreed.
Action: Liz to send out notice of AGM on 4 July 2008. Notice to include call for written nominations (to be returned to Gay) and details of business to be conducted.
Action: Gay and Mike to work on precise wording of any proposed changes to the constitution which need to notified to members 14 days before AGM (20 July 2008).
A. Changes to membership classes and
B. the level of membership fees were discussed.
Resolved (Moved Celia/Daphne; carried)
That amendments to the rules be drafted which retain the six categories of membership, but change Affiliate Organisation to Community Group and which removes the final sentence from Clause 4.2.,and
That an increase in membership fees be recommended to the AGM in line with the rates circulated to the Executive, and that a percentage based differential fee structure developed, with all advertised membership fees to be GST inclusive.
Action: Mike to develop a logical fee structure, incorporating the principal that Individual unwaged be approximately 25% of Individual Waged, subject to rounding.
C. The need for regions and branches as defined in the constitution was discussed. Celia explained that in practice branches have developed generally based on geographical areas of interest which do not necessarily match recognised regional boundaries - some were over more 
than one region e.g. Nelson/Marlborough and some had two branches in one region 
e.g Hamilton & Taupo both in Waikato. Therefore we agreed to simplify structure. Liz noted she had advice from our insurer that branches set up under the Living Streets structure should be covered by its Public Liability provided they met certain conditions.
Resolved: (Moved Daphne/Gay; carried)
That the term branches replace regions in the constitution, with any subsequent necessary amendments.
D. Liz raised the possibility of including a clause in membership. Extending membership to 31 Mar in the following year for those who joined late in the financial year. Mike pointed out that the end of the financial year was not defined in the constitution so it was not appropriate to include such a clause.
E. The process for obtaining nominations for the election of officers was discussed. Of those on the teleconference Daphne, Gay and Carina and Mike indicated that they would be happy to stand again. Celia preferred not to be committed at this stage.
F. It was suggested that nibbles should be made available at the AGM to encourage attendance.
Action: Liz to discuss catering options for light refreshments with Conference Organiser.

4. Financial Report
A. Lily and Andy congratulated for preparing June accounts in time for this early July meeting. Liz provided clarification of these accounts in Andy’s absence. She explained that the comparison to budget not available at this date. Liz was asked whether money received for World Environment Day activity was included. This was not known
Resolved: (Celia/Mike; carried) 
That the June 2008 statements as circulated be received.
Action: Liz to check whether World Environment Day money received.
B. The amendment of the Walk Wellington budget as proposed by its committee was discussed. Change to $4,200 for honoraria still ensure surplus and Walk Wellington’s debt will be paid off. It was noted that the success of Walk Wellington’s non-for-profit guided walking operation builds on Living Streets ability to raise grants and reflects well on Living Streets.
Resolved: (Moved Celia/Daphne; carried)
That the amended Walk Wellington budget be approved. 
C. Barcelona Walk21 attendance – September 2008
Daphne did not take part in this discussion.
Liz advised that Carol (Projects Officer) had been offered the opportunity to attend but had declined.  Richard Butler. a member in Nelson had asked whether support was available to attend as had Daphne.  Celia asked that Daphne be prepared to meet with leaders from the International Federation of Pedestrians – Celia to provide contacts.
Resolved: (Celia/Gay; carried)
That Living Streets pay for these two registration fees to the Walk21 conference in Barcelona on condition that the attendees provide reports for Footprints and an article for Walking NZ.

5. Director’s Report
Liz spoke to the report, adding that there were now 122 conference registrations, more than at the same point last time and more were expected. Mike complimented the Conference Committee on their work to date.
Resolved: (Moved Celia/Gay; carried)
That the Director’s report be received.

6. Auckland Networker Position
Liz advised that she would be ready to advertise this position in the second week of July.  Celia recommended that the interviewing panel should consist of Liz, Andy or Gay, and Celia.

7. Project Officer Role
The functioning of the role three months on was discussed.

8.  Confirmation of Previous (May) Minutes
Resolved (Moved Gay/Mike; carried)
That the minutes of 12th May be confirmed.

9. Next Executive meeting (post-AGM)
Suggested date 8 September 2008

10. Governance Workshop
Liz and Celia provided feedback on the Governance workshop which was attended with CAN. They felt it was useful and interesting and worked well being with another organisation.  A key message was that there is more than one model of governance.
Meeting closed 7.15pm

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