Executive Council Minutes May 2008

Living Streets Aotearoa Executive Council
Minutes of Meeting held 12 May 2008 at 6.00 p.m.
Meeting held by telephone conference call
Present: Celia Wade-Brown, Liz Thomas, Mike Mellor (Wellington), Daphne Bell (Hamilton); Andy Smith, Graeme Easte (Auckland),  Scribe: Gay Richards (North Shore)
Apologies: Ralph Chapman, Carina Duke  
1. Welcome
Celia welcomed members to the call

2. Conflicts of Interest
None noted

3. Resignation from Executive of Roger Boulter and Gary Stewart
Resolved (Moved Daphne/Celia; carried) 
That the resignations of Roger Boulter and Gary Stewart be accepted with regret.

4. Strategic Plan
Agreed that the Strategic Plan as amended and circulated by Liz (29 April 2008) had a punchier opening, strategic partners categorised. Some minor wordings suggested.  Partners matrix still needs more work.
Resolved (Moved Mike/Daphne; carried) 
That the Strategic Plan as amended be adopted.
Action: Liz to circulate Strategic Plan as further amended and to ask Robert Davies to put up on web.

5. Governance Portfolios and Roles
Celia went over roles and portfolios. Roles as elected with job descriptions.  Portfolio – person is expected keep this issue front of mind in executive discussion, to be alert to opportunities, emerging issues, and liaise with staff on these issues.
Climate Change and Urban Design – Ralph
Local Government – Daphne with Celia
Communications strategy, database, website – Andy/Celia
Community / Local Groups  – ask Carina
Research – Ralph with Gay
Accessibility – Carina/Gay
Staff responsibility sub-committee – performance review – Mike (Chair), Celia
Walk Wellington Liaison – Celia
Policy Positions / Statements – agreed someone needs to coordinate this but ultimate responsibility would rest with President. Will look at CAN process for developing policy statements.  Daphne agreed to champion Shared Pathway issue – Gay/Graeme also interested in this issue.
Membership benefits – Celia said there needed to be some thought on these – could look at road rescue package offered in UK (ETA).  Others not so sure this sent the right message.  All to send ideas to Celia.
Resolved (Moved Gay/Mike) that a process for developing policy statements be lead by Celia.
Action: Celia to send link to ETA, all to consider membership benefits and have ideas for July meeting.

6. Governance Workplan and calendar
Governance workplan as circulated by Liz reviewed.  Would be helpful to have meaningful dates on circulated documents.
Noted that CAN are offering places at Governance training day (Monday 30 June). Liz will offer to advocates – one already interested, - and staff.

7. Governance Evaluation form
As circulated – – self review of performance.
Action: each member of Executive to complete and return to Celia by 30th June 2008

8. WalkIt
Future of database under review. Unclear who is using it. Few contributors.  Could much of the content be transferred to Living Streets. Liz and Celia are developing a proposal to take to Land Transport NZ.  

9.  Membership Fees
Increase needs to be proposed at AGM.  Mike to check when notice needs to be given.  Need a paper for discussion for July Executive meeting.
Action: Mike to check notice dates.

10.  Confirmation of April Minutes
Resolved (Moved Daphne/Celia) that the minutes of 12th April be confirmed with amendments – replace provision policy with policy development. Correct grammar in sentence relating to Charitable status.

11. Finance
Resolved (Andy/Celia) that the April financial statements as circulated be received; that $50,000 in the current account be moved to term deposit, and that the balance of the Walk Wellington loan be paid off from the Walk Wellington 2006-6 surplus as per circulated information.

12.  2008-09 Business Plan and Budget
Documents as circulated by Liz.  There was some concern that as budgeted there would be a deficit to be funded by retained earnings.  Suggested that funds to be generated by Project Officer should be shown in budget – may not be achievable first year – but something to aim for – proposed $52,000.
Resolved (Moved Andy/Celia) that the 2008-9 annual plan and budget be accepted with amendment showing budgeted project income.

13. Director’s report (including conference planning progress)
Director’s report received.

14. Communications Strategy
Liz advised that a contract for Fuzion to develop communications strategy is being negotiated.
For next meeting - Risk management. Meeting closed 7.15pm

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