Executive Council Minutes November 2008

Living Streets Aotearoa Inc
Minutes of Executive Council Meeting
held 10 November 2008 at 6.00 p.m.
Meeting held by telephone conference call
Present: Celia Wade-Brown, Liz Thomas (Wellington); Daphne Bell (Hamilton); Carina Duke (Christchurch); Peter Kortegast (Nelson); Andy Smith, Graeme Easte (Auckland); Gay Richards (North Shore) took the minutes
Apologies: Mike Mellor, Rhys Taylor

1. Welcome
 Celia welcomed, noted Liz to leave early. Agenda was rearranged to accommodate this.

2. Director’s report
As emailed by Liz. Items discussed:
Celia and Liz to meet NZTA CEO Geoff Dangerfield this week.  Andy asked that Auckland Harbour Bridge walking/cycling plans be raised.  Celia noted that NZTA Board would like a presentation from Living Streets Aotearoa. We need to sort out top 20 points first. Need to consider how to approach new political landscape. Liz suggested issues will need to be packaged differently.
Footprints. Editor has indicated that she can no longer do job for current payment. It was noted that Footprints is a very good not-for-profit publication. Needs to be a decision whether to get more quotes or offer more to current editor. Celia felt this should be delegated to Liz.
Celia suggested that any upcoming meetings / events should be highlighted in the Director’s report, so Executive can indicate if they have any issues to discuss.
Walkit – Liz to have more discussion with Celia and Andy
Peter asked about Vision Zero event. Liz missed presentation, involved in doing presentation about Great Harbour Way, but Ralph was there. Vision Zero means no road deaths are acceptable.  See November issue of Footprints and presentation may be available online.
Walking Awards – to be progressed with help of Peter. Publicity will be post Christmas. Ideas from Executive welcome.
Action: Liz / Peter will bring plans for Walking Awards to December Executive meeting.
Resolved (Moved: Celia/Daphne; carried)
That the Director’s Report be received
2. 2009 Advocates Training Weekend
Plan developed by Fiona Whero has been emailed to Executive. Incorporates some of the successful elements of CAN DO. Proposed to have AGM and advocates training over weekend with walking awards presentation on Friday evening. Proposed date 25/26 July.   Fiona suggests the weekend be called Street Cred. Some discussion but agreed it was a younger looking, less institutionalised brand.  The Executive thanked Fiona for her work and excellent ideas on this event.  The AGM would be held Saturday afternoon.
It was proposed that the face to face meeting for the Executive planned for April should be moved to a weekend in March.
Action: Celia/Liz to set up Doodle (date preference tool); Executive to use Doodle to indicate preferred dates
Resolved: (Moved Gay/Peter; carried)
That the Street Cred 2009 Advocates Training weekend plans be progressed.

3. Conflicts of Interest
None noted

4. Communications Strategy Implementation Plan
Carina asked that there be a stronger statement about accessibility, eg. Walking by design is no accident. Needs to be inclusive of all people.
Stakeholder engagement needs to be fleshed out.
Priorities for implementation –
No. 1 Flyer to be redesigned and readily available
Walking presence at other people’s conferences and events. Need to identify the key conferences and develop suitable presentations or decide whether to have a stand.
Action: Carina to phrase accessibility inclusiveness statement appropriately; Liz to find the best fit.
Action: Executive to identify who is happy and confident to speak for Living Streets Aotearoa.
Action: Celia & Liz to develop letter to new MPs to circulate to Exec before distribution
Action: Liz to communicate Communications Strategy to user groups.

5. Project Officer Role

Janet Lawson will start at end of November. Executive should be able to meet her at face to face meeting. Liz noted that the role attracted a number of excellent candidates.
Janet’s first project will be Wellington maps but projects in other regions will be sought later.

6. Walking Top Twenty
Andy and Rhys have discussed and will send latest draft to Executive. Should fit with key messages and then can be incorporated in letter to MPs. Needs to integrate with Communications Strategy and Workplan.
Action: Andy to send out draft Top 20, Executive to provide feedback.
7. Portfolios
Should identify people in portfolio roles on website.
Gay volunteered for Health
Peter – working on walking awards
Still no one volunteered for submissions coordinator. The need for portfolio people to look out for submission opportunities in their area discussed. The process for developing submissions needs to be discussed at December Executive meeting
8. Annual Plan, six months review
Annual plan review as emailed by Liz discussed.
Gay reported on Living Streets North Shore first meeting (6 November), thanks to Andy for assisting at this meeting. Graeme will provide support for Kelvin Aris at first Manukau City meeting (19 November).
Celia asked that these meetings be advertised via the Living Streets yahoo groups list so wider networks can be tapped into and to regenerate a little more activity on list.
International Walking Charter progress: Wellington City to sign soon and North Shore City to sign in December, Waipa on track to sign. These are being done by council resolution so that it is official that the city as an entity has signed. Daphne happy to continue to work on getting councils signed up. Daphne’s attendance at Walk21 & ISF conferences was noted. Insufficient time to receive her report  - to be included in December Executive meeting.
The Annual plan was reviewed and minor amendments made, noted by Liz.
9. Financial report
As emailed by Andy.
Resolved (Moved Andy/Peter; carried)
That the September and October 2008 accounts be received.
10. Credit Cards for staff
Resolved (Moved Celia/Carina; carried)
That credit cards be issued to Living Streets staff – Kelvin Aris, Fiona Whero and Janet Lawson – credit limit to be $1000.

11.  Confirmation of 8 September 2008 Minutes
Action: Gay to check September minutes for issues not actioned.
Resolved (Moved Gay/Daphne; carried)
That the minutes of the Executive meeting of 8 September 2008 be confirmed.

12. Future meetings
Monday 8 December
Monday 9 February, then 2nd Monday every second month.
Date for Face to Face 21/22 March or 28/29 March, to be decided using Doodle.
Meeting closed 7.05pm

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