Executive Council Minutes September 2008

Living Streets Aotearoa Inc
Minutes of Executive Council Meeting
Held 8 September 2008 at 6.00 p.m.
Meeting held by telephone conference call
Present: Liz Thomas, Mike Mellor (Wellington), Daphne Bell (Hamilton); Carina Duke (Christchurch); Peter Kortegast (Nelson); Rhys Taylor (Christchurch); Andy Smith, Graeme Easte (Auckland); Gay Richards (North Shore) took the minutes
Apologies: Ralph Chapman, Celia Wade-Brown  

1. Welcome
Mike chaired the meeting in Celia’s absence. Mike welcomed members to the call.

2. Conflicts of Interest
None noted

3. Project Officer Role
Liz & Mike noted the circumstances which have resulted in people appointed to this role leaving after only being employed for a short time. The Executive were asked to consider the revised job description, and indicate whether the concept of a job share role would be appropriate, with possibility of part of role being outside Wellington, possibly in Christchurch to work with NZTA people on Community Streets Reviews.  Peter noted the importance of providing support and training to new employees. It was felt this had been provided. Indicative salary did not seem to be a barrier to attracting good applicants. Advertising options were also discussed. Although Seek and other web-based options are cheaper, it was agreed that newspaper advertisements do attract quality applicants. It was agreed that the role should be advertised as a possible job share role.
Action: Liz to advertise Project Office role as soon as possible using web-based sites, the Dominion Post and networks

4. Walking Top Twenty
Discussion of the top twenty as circulated by Celia focused on the need to identify those points which are issues we wish to lobby on, and those which are benefits of Living Streets Aotearoa membership or items for the organisation to work on internally. Lobbying points should be limited to 5-10 points. It was noted CAN has a 9 point priority list.
Action: Rhys and Andy to work with Celia on identifying lobbying priorities.

5. Communications Strategy

Liz spoke to this document. A couple of changes are needed such as Vision aligned with Strategy document and the addition of a section on social networking. The Executive needs to review key messages – these will need to match the top priorities. The Executive agreed that the strategy should also include Evaluation, with appropriate measures of success. Daphne asked whether the employment of a part-time communications person should be considered while the project officer role is vacant but it was agreed that the projects role had momentum and it should take precedence at this time.
Action: Executive to read Communications Strategy and send comments on priorities for implementation to Liz.

6. Portfolios
Peter and Rhys noted that they had not had a chance to consider this. The outstanding issue of a submission co-ordinator was noted.  Peter said he would like to work on the issue of policy statements which is related to submissions.  Rhys said he would prefer to be available to help on specific issues as they arise. In this discussion Peter and Rhys outlined their personal skills and it was suggested that there should be a register of the skills of members of the Executive. Andy volunteered to compile this. Rhys agreed to help with the development of policy statements and the communications strategy.
Action: Liz to send Peter and Rhys the draft procedure for developing policy statements, and the Submissions Policy.
Action: Executive to email Andy details of their skills, and Andy to draw up the skills register.

7. Executive Work plan / Meeting Schedules
Mike noted items which have not been done. It was noted that the next face to face will be 18/19 April 2009.  Other Executive Council meeting dates - 10 November, 8 December, 9 February.

8. Governance / Executive Evaluations
These matters held over to next meeting.
Action:  Celia and Mike to review and send background information to the Executive before the next meeting.

9. Director’s Report & Conference Evaluation
These reports were taken as read. Rhys queried whether sponsors/exhibitors and speakers would receive feedback from the conference evaluations.
Action: Liz will look into this.

10a. Financial Report
Andy presented financial report for July and August. The $44,000 loss for this period was noted but related to timing of grant receipts.
Resolved (Moved Andy/Mike; carried)
That the July and August 2008 accounts be accepted.

10b. Finance for Branches
Andy’s proposal that Living Streets Aotearoa branches should receive 80% of subscriptions collected from people in the branches area was discussed.  This would encourage branches to recruit members for Living Streets and would provide funds which could go towards hiring venues for meetings etc. It was noted that some branches may not have bank accounts. If this was the case their money could be allocated to them but held by Living Streets. Liz noted that subscription income is not a large part of Living Streets’ income. Liz noted that allocations should only occur on a six-monthly basis to reduce administration.
Resolved (Moved Andy/Rhys ; carried)
Agreed in principle that 80% of subscription fee be allocated to appropriate branches, subject to further consideration of administrative issues.

12.  Confirmation of July  Minutes
Resolved (Moved Daphne/Mike ; carried)
That the minutes of 3rd July 2008 be confirmed.

Meeting closed 7.05pm

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