Keeping them safe (WSB presentation)

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Safety is a priority when establishing WSBs therefore all routes undergo a safety audit which involves a Road Safety Co-ordinator, an Engineer and in North Shore City we also have Police Education Officer involvement. However, once all the work to set up a WSB has been completed and the information has been passed on to the volunteers, ensuring WSBs remain sustainable is another issue. Why? The WSB volunteer work force is fluid and with parents coming and going inevitably information gets lost and safety can be compromised. Moreover, once a WSB has been established there is little chance for council to communicate with the volunteers. A few years down the track a route may become inactive for a period of time and when a new group of volunteers pick it up there can be little or no information available for them. At North Shore City we have developed a number of sustainable safety initiatives and the aim of this workshop is to share these initiatives and to stimulate discussion for new ideas.
Carol Murray
North Shore City Council
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