National Cycleway will benefit walkers too

“A national cycle network is an excellent idea and would be used by walkers as well as cyclists when fully developed” says walking advocate and president of Living Street Aotearoa, Celia Wade-Brown.

The Prime Minister has announced that the government will invest $50 million over the next three years in a national cycleway consisting of a series of “great rides”, with the long term goal of creating a network that links these experiences together.

Experience in the UK has shown that the Sustrans national cycling network, which connects towns and cities with other cycling areas, now attracts as many people on foot as on bicycle. The 2007 monitoring report shows that of the 354 million trips on the Sustrans cycling network, half are on foot.

“Developing the cycleway into a network will bring economic benefits not only from tourists who want a “great ride”, but also from tourists visiting cities and towns who do much of their sightseeing on foot,” says Celia. “For example, a pleasant harbour-side route from Wellington to Petone, as part of the Great Harbour Way, which in turn would be part of the national network, would be a huge attraction.”

“There will be additional economic benefits as people choose the network as a pleasant route for walking for their everyday travel, leaving their cars at home and freeing the roads up for essential business traffic.”

“It’s a win-win solution for everyone. A national network is an inspirational idea, and will bring long-term economic benefits.”

For more information:
Celia Wade-Brown, President, Living Streets Aotearoa 027 483 6691
Liz Thomas, Director, Living Streets Aotearoa 021 106 4201

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