Children Want to Walk to School

Living Streets Aotearoa says the recent Ministry of Health report A Portrait of Health is an indictment of New Zealand's urban form and transport options.

Fewer than half of children aged 5 to 14 years use active transport (walk, run, cycle, scoot or skate) to get to school.

"The journey to school offers an easy way to be active and forms the active transport habit early", says Councillor Celia Wade-Brown.  Children can also get exercise by walking part of the journey to the bus or train.

The two top reasons given by parents and care givers for not encouraging their children to walk to school are living too far away from school (67.5%) and busy and dangerous traffic (23%).

Only 4.4% said it was because the children didn't want to walk.

Living Streets President, Celia Wade-Brown, urges the Ministry of Education to consider sustainable transport when locating schools. Her own sons walk to the bus or skate to school.

"We want metropolitan Councils to build walkable communities where children can safely walk to school, to restrict urban sprawl, and to use travel demand management to encourage parents to leave the car at home."

Secondary schools could do more to encourage walking, cycling and catching the bus by reducing parking for students.

Ref - NZ Health Survey$File/transport-to-school-ch2.pdf

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