Meeting minutes for Monday 23rd February 2009 at WCC Community room 1, 6pm.

Present: Celia Wade-Brown, Lily Linton, Andrew Wilks, Paula Warren, Zamm Zamudio, Robert Davies, Jane Kennedy, Brent Efford, Jemma Diedrichs, Mike Mellor, Janet Lawson

Apologies: Kim Keene, Liz Thomas





Celia welcomed all to the Wellington Branch meeting of L.S.A.

Launch of Victoria University Maps

Celia welcomed everyone and acknowledged all the work done by Living Streets Aotearoa and Victoria University to complete this project. Launch opened.

Filling vacancy for convener and secretary of Living Streets Wellington

Currently there is no convener for the meetings. Unable to fill this role, therefore until the next AGM the following will occur:

Lily will email out the agenda and minutes

Jemma will take the minutes

Paula is the branch contact

Mike and Paula will organise submissions

Robert will maintain the website.

Update on Walk to Work Day

Celia acknowledged all of Zamm and the W2W committees effort. They are currently seeking volunteers to help out on the day and for flyers to be distributed.

Flyer hand out areas:

Celia = Basin Reserve

Paula = Wesley Street apartments

Mike = waterfront

Andrew = Victoria Uni

Brent has offered to video record the event again this year.

Andrew has also offered to approach Gecko (Uni club) for volunteers and organize this with Janet.

Wet weather venue will be organised with Alan Brown from WCC. Janet and Zamm to finalise these details.


Janet and Zamm to provide flyers for our volunteers to distribute.

Andrew and Janet to organize volunteers from Gecko at Vic Uni.

Janet and Zamm to organise wet weather venue.

Allocation responsibility

Celia encouraged for events to continue happening within the branch if everyone could select an event and assist organising and promoting it as the branch currently doesn’t have a convener. All agreed with this.

Paula and Mike will continue to organize submissions

Celia, Jemma and Janet will organize the roll out of LSA to Porirua and the Hutt Valley District Health Board

Mon 25th May – Lunchtime walks re launch = Janet, Jemma, Celia, Lily

Mon 22nd June – Foot health and AGM = Jemma, Celia, Janet

Friday 24th July – National Golden Awards = everyone

All decided not to have meetings in March and April. Other ideas and events included a Geocasting walk, setting up a Wellington email group/social networking. Lily and Celia will look into the social networking options.

Everyone to be responsible for organising relevant events and informing all members.

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