Living Streets Wellington meeting minutes
24th November 2008 Wellington City Council committee room
Present: Mike Mellor, Celia Wade-Brown, Robert Davies, Liz Thomas (minute taker), Ralph Chapman, Paula Warren, Alexia Pickering, Ann Bain, Kris Price, Lily Linton, Kerry Wood, Stephen Palmer.

Apologies: Kim Keene

  1. Mike Mellor welcomed everybody.
  2. Celia reported that council has adopted the Walking Policy and the Walking Charter.
  3. The September meeting was the walk from work to Hataitai on International Car-free Day.  The October meeting was the AGM followed by the Great Harbour Way workshop. At the AGM a  committee  was elected, but no-one to replace Mike in convenor position yet.  Mike will remain as contact in the meantime.
  4. Alexia moved a vote of thanks to Mike for convening the group.
  5. WCC “Restoring the Golden Mile” proposal was discussed.  
  6. Points raised:


  • If Manners street west end is opened for traffic travelling east, it could become congested at rush hours with traffic from the motorway travelling down Boulcott St
  • Manners street should be a dedicated PT route with no other vehicles.  In the long term Manners and Willis have too much underground cabling for light rail to be easily installed, but light rail could go Hunter / Victoria / Manners.
  • With a single bus lane in each direction buses can’t pass each other which causes hold-ups.  Buses cause more impediment to other buses than cars or pedestrians do.
  • Fifty extra car parks for shoppers are a trade-off to business
  • Cutting off the right turn from Victoria to Manners gives benefit to buses
  • Agree with 30kph speed limit
  • Suggest that there be no exit from lower Cuba Street into Manners Street – provide a turning area instead.  Could make it more of a shared space like in Blair and Allen, though there are some problems there which could be solved.
  • Some people thought that if we lose the mall in Manners Street, lower Cuba street should become a mall.  Many activities – buskers etc – will have to relocate elsewhere.
  • Allow bicycles as well as buses
  • Signalised lights in Courtney Place – depends on the length of waiting for pedestrians.  Courtenay Place would be better with no cars.
  • Buses here are still not well equipped for people in wheelchairs – require the driver to get out and let down the ramp.
  • In Zurich signals are arranged so that buses only stop to pick up and put down passengers.

6.      The meeting adjourned to the streets to walk the route, then reconvened in Molly Malone’s to discuss the findings.  Mike agreed to put the submission together (closes 5th December).
No meeting in December or January.
Next meeting Monday 23rd February 2009.

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