Living Streets Wellington meeting

23/6/08 6pm, Council meeting room 1

Present: Ralph Chapman, Mike Mellor, Celia Wade-Brown, Kim Keene, Robert Davies, Liz Thomas, Carol Comber, Iona Pannett, Paul Bruce and Ian Shearer (from 7pm)

1. Film Fundraiser – “Taking the Wae Wae Express”

Agreed it was a good idea to have a film fundraiser, using this film or another with some relationship to walking. Leave it till after the film festival – August or September. Try to find someone to coordinate it.

Lily to send an email to Wellington members, the people who came to Walk 2 Work and Volunteer Wellington asking if there’s anyone who will coordinate the fundraiser.

Carol to continue to liaise with the Director about showing the film.

2. Submissions done

Celia sent in a submission on the Regional Walking Plan and will do an oral presentation. A submission on the WCC Annual Plan was sent, and the oral presentation done by new member Pete Huggins.

3. Submissions called for

Agreed we will make submissions on as many as possible – even if some are short one paragraph submissions.

Celia will send the links of all the submissions including links to meeting agendas where they were discussed to Wellington members. Also ask for $10 donations for Ngauranga to Airport campaign leaflet.

In order of importance:





1. WCC Walking Plan

Mid August


Celia will ask someone

2. Ngauranga to Airport

28 July

- paths along and across

- support light rail

- bus lanes (dedicated, segregated but not guided busway) a useful interim step, and will keep a PT spine


Ralph and Mike

3. Bus Lanes in Courtney Place

Mid August

- Courtney Place a bottleneck in reg transport network – needs sorted as part of Golden Mile upgrade

- Lambton Quay a good model for peds and retail

- Entertainment Centre clogged

- need to organise taxis better – (pedestrians friend at night)

- 30 kpm speed limit


4. Centres Plan and Infill Policy

7 July

- Encourage local self sufficiency

- debate about infill density


5. Safer Roads Newtown

14 July

Short submission

Support 40kpm speed limit, lights, footpath extensions

Celia will find a Newtown resident to do

6. Public Space Design Guide

Mid August

- visual and mobility impaired considerations

- encourage sense of place, including for Maori, and wayfinding

Paula, Alexia, Lily


7. Tracks Access Plan

Mid August

Couple of paragraphs

- Reiterate concerns for pedestrians, these need to be seriously considered

- need to look at case-by-case

- OK if wide enough and good sight lines – as long as this doesn’t encourage faster cycling



8. Cycling Plan




Kerb extensions - Ralph will look at the design guides for cycling and pedestrians to check the best design for pedestrians which doesn’t make it worse for cyclists. Living Streets can then refer to this when supporting kerb extensions.

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