Minutes of Meeting held at Wellington City Council Committee Room 1 on 28th April 2008 at 6pm

Present: Celia Wade-Brown, Alexia Pickering, Carol Comber, Marie Brown, Joanne Meaclem, Kim Keene, Miranda Munroe, Susan Cook, Don McDonald, Mike Mellor, Lily Linton, Robert Davies, Liz Thomas, Andy Foster, Liz Robinson, Una McGurk.


1. Welcome and introduction to Living Streets

Celia welcomed everyone and gave a brief presentation on L.S.A.’s goals and objectives, as Living Streets Wellington’s umbrella organisation.

Celia outlined projects and activities undertaken by the Wellington advocacy group.

Celia gave some examples of walking initiatives and briefly covered strategic plans.

New people present were welcomed and invited to make suggestions on the shape of LSW meetings.

2. Personal introductions and walking issues

People introduced themselves to the group and stated their walking interest and issues:





Cyclists on footpaths

Cheap and easy

Don McD

Big puddle at kerb crossing in Newtown. Have to leap over. showed photos


Susan C

Hargreaves St very rutted, hard to wheel anything.

Have to be very careful at traffic lights with green man signal.

Walking track needs maintenance as direct route into town

walking track

Miranda M

People not aware – not as educated about pedestrians.

Hornsey Rd

Molesworth St dangerous – cars backing out of car-parks on one side and New world traffic charges over footpath on the other, no crossing either

You see more detail and people. Good to not be shut away.

Kim K

Pram and mobility scooters in family – cars on the footpath are very inconvenient


Joanne and Mary

Mt Victoria tunnel – noisy horns are painful and discomfort of fumes. Can’t hear cyclists coming up behind you and they zoom past

Friends who walk 1 ½ hrs home around the bays – a good time to talk/ catch up. (route over top suggested as quicker than around bays and cleaner than tunnel)

Carol C

Bikes on trains are very expensive – a related lack of mode choice issue


Alexia P

Wheeling in CBD the streetscape is very important. Potholes and kerbs affect everybody not just wheelchairs.


Waterfront is great – lots of potential for Wellington walkers

Public transport now more accessible so use car less.

With Barrier Free Trust providing info on disability issues on Building Act

Una M


Peace Foundation created Peace walk – would like to collaborate with LSA on promoting and distributing material

Liz R


Public transport user in Karori who is interested in LSA

Andy F


Runner and walker within the CBD. Wellington is a more walkable city, safer, less travel needed, compact development.

Liz T

Wilson St – had to push bike around obstacles and noticed bad for walking too.

Walking is more pleasant than biking – gentler and don’t need to be on red alert like cycling.

Road corridor – we all need to share space responsibly – drivers, cyclists and peds.

Robert D

Orangi Kaupapapa steps need fixing – rail is not easy to grab when needed.

People act as though pedestrians don’t matter

Walks from Wilton – 1hr

Lily L


Tries to keep walking easy through lifestyle choices

Action: LS Wellington submission writer to add these points to the submission

3. General discussion and suggestions for Wellington group activities.

Susan Cook – asked about Wellington walking groups

There are lots around the city see Feeling Great website, there is a link on the Wellington page of LSA website.

Ideas for Group:

  • Launch of Peace foundation Brochure
  • Exploring an area, low level reviews eg Thorndon.
  • WCC Walking plan includes CSRs for commuting into town could do more around town, (previous CSR reports available form office -is it on Website?)
  • Example route from Taranaki St/ Courtenay Place to Te Papa important for tourists and locals getting about town, difficult crossings and lack of directional signage etc
  • Could do a lunchtime review of the above area and report to council to reinforce the presence of walkers in CBD – tourists generally don’t drive.

Brief break for those needing to leave at 7pm


4. Submissions

Wellington area has four submissions on at the moment:

  • WCC Draft Annual Plan – variations on ten year plan
  • Greater Wellington Draft Annual Plan – variations on ten year plan
  • Greater Wellington – Draft walking plan – very high level, sets the scene
  • WCC revised speed limits for Hutt Rd, Takapu Rd, Ohiro Rd. – discussion aimed at drivers not peds

Also need to send out reminder when WCC Walking Plan is up for consultation.

Greater Wellington – Draft walking plan closes 19th May

(Mike withdrew from discussion.)

– Draft walking plan sets framework for an improved pedestrian network, rail stations etc, encourages walk to school and providing for walking in land development

Points made:

  • Basically we agree – a good idea so encourage them to get on with it
  • Journey and travel planners not well connected with walking aims
  • Regional forums good encouragement for all councils in the region
  • LSA submission on previous version – LSA gets a mention

Action: Celia to write down about 12 points to send out for comments..


WCC revised speed limits

(Celia withdrew from discussion)

Takapu Rd – Mike suggested 50kph for whole intersection as peds have to cross and the road curves to tightly to drive faster anyway. Ped access is not marked but significant.

All agreed.

Hutt Rd and Onslow Rd – suggested 50kph speed limit as very busy area and also includes access to Kaiwharawhara Station. All agreed.

Ohiro Rd – suggested 50kph all the way through. All agreed.

Generally slower traffic speeds are better for pedestrians, for crossing roads and walking along side them.

Action: Mike to fill in forms and send in.


5. Other matters arising:

Parking on footpaths

Kim Keene brought in correspondence with parking officers on parking on the footpaths. Response was dismissive of parking problem.

Celia mentioned there is a new person in parking position – looking at doing another campaign with CCS (previously on mobility parking).

What is LSA’s national position? In Chch it can be “Black and white” but is “arguable” in Wellington? Wellington needs formal provision for exceptions.

Action: Start a debate on the email group, also lobby council to regularise.


Adelaide Rd Consultation

Workshop next Monday – invitation letter passed around, all welcome.

Request for letter details to be emailed to Don McDonald and everyone.


Wellington email list

Robert Davies asked if we want an email group/list just for Wellington members/contacts

Yes. To be discussed further


Meeting closed 7:30pm

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