Minutes of Meeting held 25 February 2008

Wellington City Council

Present: Brent Effort, Iona Pannett, Liz Thomas, Celia Wade-Brown, Carol Comber, Lily Linton, Alexia Pickering, Debs Moir

Apologies: Kim Keene, Don McDonald, Mike Mellor


Thanks to Debs were expressed from the group for her role as the Secretary over the last few years. Debs will be finishing at Regional Public Health in March. Interviews for her replacement are being held this week and the successful candidate will hopefully start in March or early April.

1. Walk to Work Day

Wednesday 19th March, 7-9am, Frank Kitts Park

- Carol is busy organising this event and any volunteers for tasks leading up to the event or on the day would be appreciated

- People are being recruited to help with advertising leading up to the day including chalking details of it on footpaths – more volunteers welcome

- Radio, newspaper, email and flyers will also be used to advertise it – it is also currently advertised in Wellington City Council’s “Stepping Out” brochure (walking events for the month of March)

- Guest speakers will be at the event – this will include a range of people from walkers to health representatives and local well-known people

- It was raised that for future events, a venue/location that is also suitable for wet weather is ideal

- Celia suggested that there are a few people we could interview who walk to school or work and we could use these stories in conjunction with other media for the event. A range of ages etc would be good.

- Brent offered to record the events on the day

2. Bike to Work Day

Wednesday 27th February, 7-9am, Civic Square

- LSA having a stall: Liz and Celia will be there

- Carol is helping the organisers

- More volunteers welcome

3. Maps


- funding approved for second edition

Lunchtime Walks

- funding approved for 10 000 copies of 3 new maps (not for the cost of developing them)

- 5x walks from Parliament Cenotaph; 5x walks from Plimmer Steps; 5x walks from Courtenay Place

- need to approach other organisations eg. Heart Foundation and Ministry of Health for funding as well – these organisations are near the starting point for these walks and also promote physical activity/walking messages

- these are on hold until Carol Comber starts full-time as Projects Officer

4. Launch of Submissions Report

- John White has produced a report into physical activity and the Health Select Committee's Inquiry into Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. The report (titled "The Health Select Committee Inquiry into Obesity and Type Two Diabetes in New Zealand: A back seat for physical activity") discusses the submissions that were received as part of this inquiry and the recommendations that followed which tended to be more nutrition-focused with little emphasis on the physical activity points raised in various submissions.

- Living Streets will be launching this report in mid-March to raise the importance of physical activity in daily life (alongside good nutrition) and profile Living Streets Aotearoa

- More information about this will be sent to members

5. March Meeting

- As the meeting falls on Easter Monday, the meeting will instead be held Monday 17 March (1 week earlier)

6. Stepping Out

- This is a Wellington City Council event promoting walking during the month of March

- Tuesday walks with Ron will continue as usual

- Celia will be leading a Wednesday walk each of the four Wednesdays in March from the film tripod on Courtenay Place

Meeting closed at 7.15pm

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