Living Streets Hamilton February 2009 notes

Here are some very belated notes from our last meeting, held on Feb 19th
(a) Our maps are now printed and it was decided to do initial distributions as follows:

  • Ulster St motels: Maxine
  • Victoria St CBD, river side, and motel in Boundary Rd: Barbara
  • Council-related outlets including i-sites, museum, libraries, Arts Post: Steve Taylor
  • CABs, backpackers, non-river side of Victoria St, inner city motels: Judy
  • Hamilton East: Margaret
  • DOC and DHB: Jennie
  • Wintec: Maxine to deliver to Jackie O'Connor who can distribute

(b) The Walk2Work Day was discussed with Steve, our new HCC walking and cycling projects engineer. This year because of the late start with new staff etc, the focus has largely been on HCC staff, with letters and flyers being sent out to other Hamilton businesses by Michelle Howie from HCC to encourage participation on a business-by-business basis.
(This letter has been sent out since our February meeting. Our CBD walking maps have been promoted in it, and Judy's contact details provided so that businesses can contact us for guided walks on the day).  
(c) There was a lengthy discussion, involving both Steve and Jennie Dalton, about how to liaise, coordinate and generally raise awareness of Living Streets and pedestrian issues in general. Jennie discussed the possibility of liaison with the DHB, links with Desiree Ryan (policy analyst at HCC with an interest in active communities) and with EW via their active transport committee (particularly Isy Kennedy and Jo Carling). There is concern that all the various agencies involved with active transport need to work together coherently and be regularly updated about each others activities. Steve commented that there is a need for string links with EW, DHB, Sport Waikato, NZTA etc linking walking and cycling initiatives.  
We also discussed the need for regular meetings with HCC staff, in the same vein as the CAW and CCS meetings with council. Steve will investigate this further and get back to us with recommendations.

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