Living Streets Hamilton January 2009 notes

Hi everyone,
Just some brief notes from our meeting held on January 15th,
and a request for feedback on one item involving finances.
Items dealt with at the meeting were as follows:
1. CBD Walking Map production:
The map is now with the printer and should be delivered back
to us by the end of January, ready to go!
Costs involved are:
(a) Map printing, 10,000 copies double-sided, full colour, on
115gsm gloss, folded to A7 size, Priority Print: $2475 inc GST
(b) To Peter Bos to assist with costs and time involved in
drawing up the map: $800
(c) Item on which feedback is required, as it involves a member
of my own family:-
Proposed payment to David McDonald for graphic design and layout
of reverse side of map, showing photos and commentary on the
walks: $200
If anyone feels that this is for any reason unsuitable or
inappropriate, please let me know. The cheques for Priority
Print and for Peter have been signed by Maxine and Celia as
co-signatories for the account and there was complete approval
for those payments. No concerns were raised at the meeting about
the payment to David, but it is important to be sure that the
wider membership have no concerns.
The total payments if this $200 is approved are $3475, from
total grant money provided of $3500 ($1000 from microfunding
via LSA, and $2500 from HCC Envirofund)
2. Submission to HCC re Public Places Bylaw changes
This concerns the issue of street trading and use of public
places for dining etc. As you may remember there was considerable
fuss about the prospective danger to mobile shops such as the
potato cart  under the proposed new legislation.
We have put in a brief submission expressing concern about this
issue and also raising some questions about regulation of
placement of street furniture and screens, since these in some
cases drive pedestrians out into the rain by occupying most of
the available verandah space. In some cases the  fixing points
for foldaway screens etc are also potential tripping hazards
when the screens themselves are not in use. The hearing will be
in March, so if anyone has further concerns they would like
raised or incorporated into our presentation at that point,
please get in touch.
3. Item from LSA regarding how police activities can benefit
walking and sustainable transport.
I have attached a copy of the correspondence on this issue,
and if anyone would like to respond either directly to Lily
Linton at LSA or via me, please feel free to take action!
4. Results of the submission on the Grey St/ Clyde St corner
proposed shopping complex.
Unfortunately, as we expected, we failed. Consent has been
granted, largely it seems on the basis that although the complex
will make things worse in terms of traffic and pedestrian safety,
it won't make them bad enough to lie outside the existing
regulations. There have been concerns raised that there may
be sufficient deficiencies in the district plan that the
commissioner was unable to consider the pedestrian issues
when making his ruling. I am trying to get further clarification
on this, as we obviously need all the facts before we can think
about any further action.
That's it for this time. Our next thing to consider is
submissions for the Annual Plan, which are not too far in
the future, so have a good think about any issues you feel
should be raised or re-emphasised.
Kind regards,
The McDonald family
Phone 07 8552019 (Intl: +64 7 8552019)
Fax 07 8552012
29 Claude Street, Hamilton, New Zealand

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