Living Streets Hamilton September 2008 notes

Hi everyone,
Firstly, apologies for the dearth of meeting notes over the past couple
of months - our main focus has been the CBD walking map, which we have
been plodding on with (so to speak), and a certain amount of ill-health
and minor catastrophes intervened there as well.
However, it is now spring, life is on the improve, and we have a very
nearly completed walking map, with an amazing amount of information on
it painstakingly assembled by Peter Bos, and a handsome collection of
photos and notes on the available routes on the back. We are hopeful
that it will be in printable form by our October meeting and that we
will have it out there in November just in time for the good weather
we all anticipate for the summer!
In addition to that, we did discuss a number of other issues at our
recent meeting:
International Car Free Day on September 22nd. We had word of this from
Living Streets Aotearoa, and we know that some branches are organising
activities on the day. Unfortunately, with relatively short notice and
very few of us, we decided that this year at least we would have to let
this one go by without us in terms of public activity. However, we can
at least encourage Living Street members to leave their cars behind on
the 22nd, if they weren't already planning to do that anyway! This is
an event we could perhaps give thought to for next year, so we have a
bit more planning time up our sleeves. Any ideas would be welcomed,
since we might need to try to organise some funding or other assistance.
Walk2Work Day in March 2009. Again, we have had information sent to us
about this from Living Streets Aotearoa, along with a sizeable Guide to
 setting up such events. The small and somewhat overcommitted group of
us who were at the meeting felt that we probably couldn't do this justice,
and decided to forward the information to Phil King at HCC in the hope
that some of the staff members may be interested and able to incorporate
such an event in the 2009 equivalent of the Give 'em a Go fortnight that
was held this year. We felt that although Living Streets Hamilton members
could assist in various ways with such an event, the full procedure of
fund-raising and organising of the whole event was a bit much to take on.
If there are enthusiasts amongst you though, please let us know - I can
forward all the relevant information if you feel you have some time to
give to this kind of activity.
If anyone would like to have a look at them, I have two interesting
documents on hand: the final version of the New Zealand Transport strategy
to 2040, and the conference proceedings from the recent LSA Walking
conference in Auckland, titled "Double the Feet on the Street". This
is on loan from Daphne Bell, who attended the conference.
Reports on submissions to the HCC 2008 Annual Plan: I have these available,
and the indications are that a number of our suggestions should be
presented again in detail when next year's submissions are called for.
The LTCCP is being reviewed in 2009, and the prospect of funding for
light controlled intersections at Five Cross roads and the Heaphy Tce-
Boundary Rd intersection along with a number of other pedestrian and
cycle-related safety issues may be considered at this point. While you
are out and about enjoying the beautiful spring weather, keep an eye
out for areas which are of concern, and keep us informed. Photos are
always helpful if you see anything really exciting!
Guest speaker for November: Yes, I realise I'm a month ahead of myself
here, but do try to keep the second Thursday in November free, because
Daphne Bell will be our speaker, talking about her experiences at the
Walk 21 Conference which she will be attending in October.
On September 10th there was a public
'workshop' on the future of Hamilton East, which several of us managed to
attend for the lunchtime presentation. The meeting was well attended
considering the time of day, and some residents' views were very strongly

The consulting team of architects and planners are expecting to take most of
their feedback from the questionnaires distributed on the day, and if any of
you are eager to make your opinions felt on this subject, please go to the
council's website at and make your views
known. There is a fair amount of background information available as well as
the questionnaire itself.

That's about it for this month - have a great time walking, and we hope
to see you next month if you can make it!
Kind regards,
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