Living Streets Hamilton May 2008 minutes

Living Streets Hamilton
Meeting held May 8th, 5.30pm, at 29 Claude St, Hamilton
Present: Maxine Fraser, Celia Hope, Sandra Baxendine, Peter Bos, Judy McDonald
1. Development of CBD Walking map
Celia provided some very interesting walking maps she obtained while oin holiday in Napier. These have been produced as a joint venture between the local council, Rotary clubs and in some cases DoC. A number of A4-sized maps have been produced, each dealing with specific small walkways. It was really encouraging to see that Napier is gradually developing a walk and cycle route that will eventually go right round the city.
On the local front, Peter Bos has been beavering away at a detailed map of the city that can be enlarged up as required. This looks as though it will work very well in an A3 format, with routes added in colour and relevant points of interest added as small icons. We are still waiting to see whether we obtain some additional funding through Envirofund, which would help us to produce a much glossier version of our map and would also allow a larger print run.
While we await the outcome of this, we can carry on with our preparations – Celia is happy to take photos of our various destinations around the CBD and Judy will make an attempt at the commentary to accompany them. Peter is continuing to refine the map and the aim is to have all the relevant pieces ready to assemble once we get notification about the funding.
There was some discussion about how to distribute the completed map, which we intend to produce as an A3 sheet folded to pocket size (akin to the bus timetable format). Suggestions include public libraries, the main council building, the Transport Centre, Information Sites such as the one at the Hamilton Gardens, and inner city motels that are within walking distance of the CBD. If funding permits, we can extend further to include larger businesses within the CBD.
2. V8 feedback.
A most unexpected outcome of the V8 races was that the city became extremely quiet as far as vehicular traffic was concerned, and many people commented that Hamilton had suddenly become cycle and pedestrian friendly! The free buses also seemed to be well used. Discussion centred on the idea that it would be great to have more weekends like this, without the need for the huge infrastructural nightmare of the V8s accompanying them. Any ideas how this could be promoted?? Without the traffic issues, people seemed to discover how easily accessible many parts of Hamilton are by alternative transport, and it would be great if we could develop this further. Comment was also made that there is a need for a link between the railway station and the V8 track next time, as they are very close geographically.
3. Roundabouts.
The point was raised that the large roundabout outside Founders Theatre, which has always been essentially single-laned, is very easy to use compared to most roundabouts in the city. The suggestion was made that many others might benefit from also being made single-lane, allowing a simpler system for motorists and a much wider median area at the approaches which might help pedestrians and cyclists to negotiate them more safely. This might mean an increase in cycling and walking if the roundabouts are seen as being less threatening to all road users.

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