Living Streets Hamilton March 2008 minutes

Meeting held March 13, 2008 at CCS Disability Action, 17 Claudelands Rd, Hamilton
Present: Sandra Baxendine, Celia Hope, Margaret Southgate, Judy McDonald, Peter Bos, Maxine Fraser
1. We discussed the pleasant day but very small turnout experienced for the Riverside Family Walk and Cycle Day. There is the possibility of perhaps combining venues with the Hamilton East Heritage Day next year, and maybe using the Heritage Trail as an organised walk. We all appreciated that the riverbank is excellent for totally off-road walk and cycle activities and that these have a major attraction for families with younger children. Perhaps it might be possible to have a presence in both places??
2. Victoria Bridge pedestrian underpass:
There was general discussion on the need for a lot more signage to make it apparent to the public that there actually is a way to “cross the road” in Bridge St without fighting with the traffic. The existing path on the southern side of the bridge that loops round underneath and emerges in Memorial Park is quite difficult to follow at present. It extends a long way south before joining the main river path heading back north, and the intersection of the two needs to be clearly signposted to show which path leads in the desired direction. Celia and Maxine took photos on the day and Judy will forward this to Philip King for comment and to see if there is anything that can clarify the situation further for walkers. The need for signs further back up toward the United video shop was raised, to alert people well in advance that there is a safe crossing method available. It was noted that during the V8 races there will be a huge increase in people walking and driving in the central city area and it would be good to see this safe underpass really clearly marked before then.
3. Walking Map of CBD;
We discussed the possibility of applying to Envirofund for money to get the cartography and graphic design done for the walking map. The Walking Map Tool Box suggests a sum of about $2500 to cover these two facets of map production. Combined with the money already available for printing, it should allow Living Streets to do an attractive, professionally produced map indicating lunchtime walks in the CBD.
Comments on items that should be included on the map were:
    •    Include known hazards and crossings
    •    Identify controlled and uncontrolled intersections
    •    Indicate timings for each route
    •    Show the location of the Transport Centre
    •    Indicate specific hazards such as the Fairfield Bridge where there is no safe crossing place – it is very important to stay on the river side of the road along this stretch.
Judy will make application before March 31
4. Heaphy Terrace Upgrade
Margaret commented that the last park before the pedestrian crossing heading north is obscuring visibility of pedestrians on the crossing. The suggestion was also made that these parks be made mobility parks only – this would mean they are less often full and would improve the sight lines. There is a good deal of parking available in the side streets before and after the shopping centre, and the Vege King shop also has its own purpose-built carpark at the back.
5. Submissions to Hamilton City Council annual plan.
It was agreed that there are a number of areas where we should provide input, and that this is best dealt with by dividing the issues up among the available members so that we can tackle just one or two areas each.
Suggestions thus far (please feel free to add to the list and even freer to volunteer to write the submission!)
    •    Pedestrian access across River Rd to O’Neill St – Peter
    •    Signage (watch for pedestrians!), and Garden Place issues – Celia
    •    Fairfield Bridge access and crossings – Maxine
    •    Heaphy Tce and Boundary Rd crossing  - Sandra
    •    Bridge St crossing and access – Margaret
    •    Mosque intersection, 5 Cross Rds, crossings at Warehouse and other end of Wintec wall on Anglesea St - Judy
Other aspects of the City Heart plan (eg Victoria St) may also need attention – any volunteers will be heartily welcomed!
6. Ranfurly Park walkway:
Maxine and Judy had met with Mike Hodges and Doug Rowe from HCC about the hazards in using this potentially very useful walkway. Maxine has received a letter from Mike in response to our meeting, at which our concerns about poor signage, steep and badly maintained paths, and lack of clear sight lines were investigated. Mike has replied that:
    •    Pruning will be undertaken to open up sight lines and clear the paths
    •    Broken areas of path will be repaired
    •    Signage is not likely since the HCC believe that most users would be local people who know where the path leads.
    •    Improvement to the gradient on the path is a more major undertaking and needs funding in the LTCCP round in 2009
We were very pleased that some work is to be undertaken soon, but disappointed about the signage, as we feel that many people actually don’t know where the path goes and may be reluctant to try finding out! This is something that we can continue to address.

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