Footways of Northland and Wilton, Wellington

Here is a list of footways that join streets in Northland, Wilton and a little bit of Wadestown in Wellington. We have also included access points to Tinakori Hill and Otari-Wilton's bush from these suburbs.

Most of the footways are steep and/or have steps. These are unsuitable for wheelchairs and many would present a challenge for baby-strollers.

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Index of streets referenced

Albemarle Road

14, 15

Bank Road


Bedford Street


Cecil Road

22, 28, 29, 30

Churchill Drive


Creswick Terrace

1, 2

Crieff Street


Curtis Street

2, 11, 20

Edgeware Road


Euston Road


Farm Road


Garden Road

7, 16, 17, 18

Glamorgan Street


Glenmore Street

6, 7, 18

Gloucester Street

23, 24

Governor Road


Harbour View Road

8, 16

Huntingdon Street


Kaihuia Street


Lambeth Road


Mairangi Road

27, 28, 29

Military Road


Monmouth Way


Northland Road

1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10

Orangi Kaupapa Road

16, 17, 18, 19

Pembroke Road


Puketiro Avenue


Raroa Crescent


Randwick Road

9, 10

Rochester Street


Rose Street


Rutland Way


Seaview Terrace


Seaforth Terrace


Surrey Street


Sydenham Street

11, 12, 13, 14

The Rigi

5, 6

Thorby Street

3, 4

Wade Street


Warwick Street


Weld Street


West Road


Wilton Bush Road


Wilton Road

20, 21, 25, 26, 27, 31

Woburn Road


Worcester Street


Here are the footways

  1. Creswick Terrace to Northland Road
    A path runs from 115 Creswick Terrace to Northland Road with exits at number 51 and at the corner with Farm Road.
  2. Creswick Terrace to Curtis Street
    A steep path runs from 145 Creswick Terrace to Curtis Street opposite number 19 (follow sign pointing to 28,30,32 Curtis Street). This path provides access for Creswick Terrace residents to the Karori bus route.
  3. Thorby Street to Northland Road
    A zigzag path with steps runs from 10 Thorby Street to Northland Road. Use the steps just downhill from number 11.
  4. Thorby Street to Raroa Crescent
    A path runs from the sign pointing to 17-21 Thorby Street to Raroa Crescent at a little carpark uphill from the intersection with Northland Tunnel Road.
  5. Northland Road to Governor Road
    A steep path runs from just downhill from beside 52 Northland Road to the vehicular end of Governor Road (off The Rigi).
  6. The Rigi
    The sign at the bottom of The Rigi on Glenmore Street says no exit because the top part is one-way for cars. But it is two-way for pedestrians and is a shortcut to the Karori Tunnel.
  7. Northland Road / Garden Road to Crieff Street
    A steep path runs from the top of Garden Road just below the intersection with Northland Road down to the vehicular end of Crieff Street (off Glenmore Street).
  8. Northland Road to Harbour View Road
    A path with steps runs from beside 64 Northland Road to between 65 and 69 Harbour View Road.
  9. Randwick Road to Woburn Road
    A path runs parallel to, but separate from, Northland Road from the top of Randwick Road to the top of Woburn Road.
  10. Public Toilet
    There is a public toilet at the corner of Randwick Road and Northland Road.
  11. Sydenham Street to Lambeth Road
    A path runs from 4 Sydenham Street to the vehicular end of Lambeth Road (off Curtis Street).
  12. Sydenham Street to West Road
    A path runs from opposite 9 Sydenham Street to 22 West Road.
  13. Sydenham Street to Kaihuia Street
    A path with steps runs from 8 Sydenham Street to 35 Kaihuia Street.
  14. Sydenham Street to Albemarle Road
    A path with steps runs from the end of Sydenham Street to Albemarle Road – use the steps downhill from number 51 Albemarle Road.
  15. Albemarle Road bush track
    A bush track runs parallel to Albemarle Road starting just above the Cardinal McKeefry School to just below the Northland Kindy.
  16. Military Track
    A steep path with some steps connects 22B Seaview Terrace, 37 Military Road (Southern end) and 23 Harbour View Road with Garden Road just above the junction with the middle segment of Orangi Kaupapa Road. Military Track is likely to be slippery in wet weather so take care. See The Karori Historical Society for some history.
  17. Orangi Kaupapa Road to Garden Road
    A steep set of steps (188 steps) connects the middle section of Orangi Kaupapa Road beside number 36 with Garden Road at the sign a little up Garden Road from the intersection with Bank Road.
  18. Garden Road to Orangi Kaupapa Road
    A steep path connects Garden Road at the intersection with the lower end of the middle segment of Orangi Kaupapa Road with the vehicular end of the bottom segment of Orangi Kaupapa Road (off Glenmore Street).
  19. Orangi Kaupapa Road to Bedford Street
    A path with steps starts between 189 and 191 Orangi Kaupapa Road (top segment) and joins Bedford Street opposite number 6.
  20. Seaforth Terrace, Karori, to Ian Galloway Park
    A path joins Seaforth Terrace to Ian Galloway park, and hence to Curtis Street and Wilton Road.
  21. Worcester Street to Surrey Street
    A path with steps runs from beside 29 Worcester Street to the end of Surrey Street (off Wilton Road).
  22. Cecil Road to Edgeware Road
    Steps connect Cecil Road at number 172 to Edgeware Road, just above the intersection with Euston Road.
  23. Rochester Street to Pembroke Road
    A path with steps runs from beside 199 Pembroke Road to the vehicular end of Rochester Street (off Gloucester Street).
  24. Gloucester Street
    A bush track runs to nowhere from beside 16 Gloucester Street.
  25. Churchill Drive to Izard Park
    Steps connect Churchill Drive slightly downhill from number 18 to Izard Park and hence to Wilton Road. You have to cross Churchill Drive to get to or from these steps and this is going to be difficult during commute times.
  26. Warwick Street to Wilton Road
    Steps connect Warwick Street beside number 81 to 69A,B Wilton Road.
  27. Rose Street to Wilton Road
    A path with steps connects Rose Street (off Mairangi Road) beside number 36 with Wilton Road between numbers 7 and 9.
  28. Cecil Road to Mairangi Road
    Steps connect Cecil Road beside number 126 to Mairangi Road beside number 109 at the intersection with Rutland Way.
  29. Cecil Road to Mairangi Road
    A steep twisty zigzag path connects Cecil Road at its intersection with Wade Street with Mairangi Road beside number 9A.
  30. Access points to Tinakori Hill
    • End of Puketiro Avenue (off Orangi Kaupapa Road).
    • Stellin Memorial Park (entrance opposite 113 Orangi Kaupapa Road).
    • Access road at 126 Orangi Kaupapa Road.
    • Glamorgan Street Play Area (next to number 10 Glamorgan Street). There is a steep track at the back of the play area.
    • End of Glamorgan Street (off Orangi Kaupapa Road).
    • End of Huntingdon Street (easy level access).
    • End of Monmouth Way (off Pembroke Road). Walk up the drive to numbers 9 and 10. A track leaves from the left of and parallel to the stream bed and takes you to the Huntingdon Street track where it is joined by the Glamorgan Street track.
    • South end of Cecil Road.
    • South end of Weld Street (off Wade Street, Wadestown).
  31. Access points to Otari-Wilton’s bush
    • Ian Galloway Park, beside Rugby Club.
    • Wilton Road opposite number 213.
    • Wilton Road entrances, opposite number 127 to number 160.
    • Wilton Bush Road (off Churchill Drive, easy level access and car park. The track from Wilton Road is a pleasant foot route for residents of some parts of Wilton walking to the Crofton Downs supermarket).
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