The footways of Highbury

This page lists footways that join streets within Highbury, Wellington, and between Highbury and neighbouring areas.

How is Highbury defined? Maps differ on this. Here it is defined it thus. To the north and west, it is bounded by Waiapu Rd, the Zealandia Sanctuary (formerly Karori Wildlife Sanctuary), and Denton Park. To the east and south, the boundaries are Raroa and Holloway Roads. As the index just below shows, Raroa Rd is rich in footways coming off it. For this reason I have also included paths that leave from both sides of this street, even though some of these paths are in Kelburn.

Here are the streets that appear in the list of footways later in this page

Broomhill Rd

8, 9, 12

Brosnahan Tce


Glenmore St

1, 2

Harrold St


Highbury Cresc


Highbury Rd


Holloway Rd


Irvine St


Koromiko Rd

7, 8

Mertoun Tce


Moana Rd


Mt Pleasant Rd

8, 12

Old Bullock Rd

8, 9

Raroa Rd

1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11

Thule St


Waiapu Rd


Zetland Tce


Here are the footways

1. Raroa Rd to Glenmore St (near Karori Tunnel)
The lower end of this path is at the Karori-bound bus stop at the city end of Karori Tunnel. The path goes uphill, passing beside a child-care centre, and ends next to 5C Raroa Road.
2. Raroa Rd to Glenmore St (near the bottom of the viaduct)
The upper end of this path is next to 23 Raroa Rd, close to the intersection with Cluny Avenue. The lower end is at 205 Glenmore St, on the hairpin bend just uphill from the underside of the viaduct.
3. Waiapu Rd to Moana Rd
The lower end is in Waiapu Rd, near the entrance to the Zealandia (formerly Karori) Sanctuary. The upper end is next to 18 Moana Rd.
4. Raroa Rd to Mertoun Tce
The upper end of this path is the vehicular dead end of Mertoun Tce. The lower end is opposite 69 Raroa Rd.
5. Raroa Rd to Zetland St
At Raroa Rd, this path starts next to 140A. There is no sign, and the entrance looks as though it is on private property. The other end of the path is at the vehicular dead end of Zetland St.
6. Raroa Rd to Harrold St
The upper end of this path is at the intersection of Harrold St and Mertoun Tce. The lower end is just uphill from 134 Raroa Rd.
7. Highbury Rd to Koromiko Rd
The Highbury Rd end of the path is opposite the intersection with Disley St. The other end as at the vehicular dead end of Koromiko Rd.
8. Broomhill Rd
Broomhill Rd is a private road, not much more than a walking track . The upper end is at the vehicular dead end of Highbury Crescent. The lower end is at the intersection of Mt Pleasant Rd and Koromiko Rd.
9. Old Bullock Rd
Old Bullock Road has several segments.
Segment 1 is a vehicle road starting at the intersection of Koromiko and Broomhill Roads. After a short distance, this segment terminates in a vehicular dead end.
Segment 2 is a footway connecting this dead end to Mt Pleasant Rd, which it meets just downhill from number 13.
In Mt Pleasant Rd, Segment 3 starts across the road from Segment 2. It is a footway to Raroa Rd which it meets just down hill from the Raroa / Mt Pleasant intersection.
Segment 4 consists of a short distance of Raroa Rd, going downhill.
Segment 5 is a footway linking Raroa Rd (between numbers 170 and 172) and Holloway Rd (at 32 A).
10. Raroa Rd to Thule St
The upper end is in Raroa Rd, opposite 146. The lower end is at the vehicular dead end of Thule St.
11. Irvine St
Irving St is a footway with its lower end at the intersection of Norway and Entrance Streets and the upper end near 155 Raroa Rd.
12. Brosnahan Tce
This path runs through open land and bush. It is not marked on all the maps of the area, but you will find the lower end in Holloway Rd, a little south of the intersection with Carey St. From there Brosnahan goes uphill to Denton Park. This path is part of a network of paths in and around this park, accessing several streets, including Mt Pleasant Road and Broomhill Road.

If you know of any other paths in Highbury, you can contact us at fms at and we can add them to the list.

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