The footways of Karori

May 2007, January 2008

This page lists footways that join streets within Karori, Wellington, and between Karori and neighbouring areas.

If you know of any other paths, you can contact us at fms at and we can add them to the list.

Here are the streets that appear in the list of footways later in this page

Alanbrooke Pl


Allington Rd


Appleton Pl


Beauchamp St


Beavis Way


Birdwood St

6, 7, 8

Blakey St


Bourbon Tce


Burn St


Burrows Ave


Caldwell St


Campbell St

7, 15, 16

Castlemaine Close


Chamberlain Rd


Chaytor St

2, 3, 4

Collier Ave


Croyden St

7, 12, 13, 14

Curtis St


Donald St

11, 12, 16

Espin Cres


Filbridge Way


Flers St


Hathaway Ave


Hawick St


Hazlewood Ave

29, 30

Hurman St


Joll St


Kano St


Karori Rd


Khouri Ave


Lynmouth Ave


Makara Rd

32, 33

Mallam St


Messines Rd

6, 7, 9

Monaghan Ave


Paddington Gr


Paisley Tce


Paparata St


Ponsonby Rd

6, 8, 9

Ramsey Pl


Richmond St


Seaforth Tce


Selkirk Way


Shotter St


South Karori Rd

29, 30

Sunshine Ave


Terawhiti Tce


Tiro St

6, 10

Tisdall St


Versailles St


Victory Ave

25, 26

Voltaire St


Wilton Rd


Woodhouse Ave


Wrights Hill Rd



Here are the footways we discovered

1. A path joins Seaforth Terrace to Ian Galloway park, and hence to Curtis Street and Wilton Road.

2. A path joins Chaytor Street just uphill from #64 to the vehicular dead end of Paisley Terrace.

3. A path joins Mallam Street to Chaytor Street near the flats.

4. A path joins the vehicular dead end of Joll Street to Chaytor Street at the bus stop downhill from the fire station.

5. A path joins the vehicular dead end of Burn Street to Flers Street near #9.

6. A long path, called the Birdwood Street steps, connects the tunnel end of Birdwood Street to the vehicular dead ends of Espin Crescent and Ponsonby Road, and to Messines Road (opposite Tiro Street).

7. A long bush path joins the Birdwood Street steps (see previous item) to Messines Road near the intersection with Croydon Street and Campbell Street near where it merges with Croydon Street. This path also has a branch to the Zealandia (formerly) Karori Sanctuary.

8. A short path cuts off the corner where Ponsonby Road meets Birdwood Street.

9. A path joins Messines Road at Sprott House (at #29) to Ponsonby Road between #38 and 40.

10. Tiro Street track has been sealed and given concrete steps.

11. A path joins the vehicular dead end of Hurman Street to Donald Street near #93.

12. A path joins Croydon Street near #6 to Donald Street near #109.

13. A path joins Croydon Street to Versailles Street. One end is at a bus stop in Croyden St near where it merges with Campbell Street. The other end is near 36 Versailles Street.

14. A path joins Bourbon Terrace near #14 to Croydon Street, near #52.

15. Ben Burn Park provides access between Beauchamp Street, Kano Street and Campbell Street.

16. A path joins Campbell and Donald Streets via the Karori Swimming Pool and the RSA.

17. A path joins the vehicular dead end of Voltaire Street to Wrights Hill Road, near #15.

18. A path joins the vehicular dead end of Tisdall Street to Monaghan Avenue, opposite Hawick Street.

19. A path joins Hawick Street at Selkirk Way to Paparata Street, near Filbridge Way.

20. A path joins Beavis Way to Shotter Street opposite #6.

21. A path joins Karori Road near #311 to Blakey Avenue near #27.

22. A long path, with both steps and sloping elements, joins Burrows and Lynmouth Avenues. Though part is through the bush, it is sealed throughout.

23. A path joins the end of Collier Avenue near #84 to Richmond Street near #38.

24. A path joins the vehicular dead end of Ramsey Place near #12 to Woodhouse Avenue near #26.

25. A path joins Sunshine Avenue near #93 to Victory Avenue near #81.

26. A path joins Victory Avenue near #50 back to itself near #68.

27. A bush path joins the vehicular dead ends of Alanbrooke Place and Chamberlain Road.

28. A path joins the vehicular dead ends of Caldwell Street and Appleton Place.

29. A path, with a bridge across a stream, joins South Karori Road at its intersection with Hazlewood Avenue to Hathaway Avenue near #47.

30. A path joins Hazlewood Avenue, at a bus stop near #62 to South Karori Road near #113.

31. A path cuts off the loop of Allington Road, emerging near Castlemaine Close.

32. A branched path connects Karori Park to Khouri Avenue and Makara Road.

33. A path joins Makara Road just uphill of its intersection with Terawhiti Terrace to Paddington Grove near #10.


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