Wellington Walking Groups


Churton Park Community Walkers

Contact:       Paul Alpe    Ph.            0274-418-453
                    Email        Churtonparkcw@gmail.com

Meet:         Wednesday 9:00am   Churton Park New World Car Park
                 Thursday    7:00pm   Churton Park Community Centre

Description:     Friendly and social walking group who walk a variety of routes throughout the Wellington/Hutt Valley/Porirua regions.
                         Varying sub-groups on a Wednesday cater for differing levels of walkers from the "Pleasure Pacers" to the "Steady Steppers"
                         and also the "Fast Footers".  Depending on the group and location the distances we walk on a Wednesday can vary from 4.5km
                         to 9km.  All ages welcome, although most walkers are 60+

Cost:          Generally free apart from a "koha" for drivers when we travel away from Churton Park.  

Wellington Marathon Run and Walk – Friendly Walking and Running Club

Contact:          http://wmc.org.nz/contact-wmc

Meet:             Sundays, 8.00 am, ASB Sports Centre, Kemp St, Kilbirnie - main club meet

                      Club members also meet on a casual basis at Freybergy Pool, Oriental Bay on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5.30 pm for walkers, 6pm for runners - see the website for more details http://wmc.org.nz/

Description:     Welcoming, supportive social network and events to keep people engaged, and exercising regularly. With options to train and compete if desired.

Many groups going out so people can choose what speed to go with.

Cost:          $20 annual fee includes morning tea, shower, stretch class and bus trips.

Island Bay Walking Group 65+

Contact:        Brenda Stevens

                     934 7633

Meet:            Tuesdays 10.00 am, walks vary.

Description: These are non-strenuous, low intensity walks, designed to make walking a fun, social experience.   Summer and winter programmes.

 Cost:             Free

Karori Arts and Crafts Walking Group – Older age bracket

Contact:        Mavis Shaw or The Secretary

                     934 8630 or 476 6817


Meet:            Second Tuesday of the month, 9.25am, at Plymouth Street, Karori.

Description: Members are generally in the older age bracket. Walks are moderate, so you are encouraged to wear sturdy shoes, bring a jacket, lunch, drink, sunhat and whistle.

                 Walks are free, but you are encouraged to join the Karori Arts and Crafts group for $25 per annum


Khandallah Walking Group – Mainly retirement age (30 members)

Contact:          Fiona or Sarah KTHC co-ordinators

                        479 5420


Meet:               Mondays 10am, 2 Ganges Road, (Taste restaurant verandah) finishes11 Ganges Road, KTHC for a cuppa


Description:     Walks are of varying levels and lengths. The group is very social – bring $1 for tea and coffee at the centre afterwards.

Cost:           Free


Miramar Walking Group (38 members)

Contact:          Cathy Maher

                        934 8491


Meet:               Thursdays 1.00 pm.  Corner Chelsea and Argentine Ave, Miaramar. 

Description:    Walks for all levels of walkers. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes.  First Thursday of month 12.00 pm.

Cost:               Free


Brooklyn Walkers

Contact:          Claire or Suzanna

                        384 9054 or 384 7412


Meet:               Mondays 9.30 am bus stop outside Brooklyn Library

Description:     The walks, chosen by group members, change each week and are usually of a low to medium intensity. Make sure to wear suitable clothing and bring a small pack.  6 mth programmes are displayed at the Brooklyn library and resource centre.

Cost:               Free

Nairnville Park 50 Forwards Walking Group 60+ approx 25

Contact:          Maureen Longman & Mary Church                           

478 7658, 479 8422


Meet:               Every second Wednesday, 9.30 am -2 pm approx

                        Burma Rd between Malvina Major & Onslow College, J’Ville

Description:     Friendly walking group, who use a variety of routes throughout the region.  Bring morning tea and lunch

Cost:               $2 per annum to cover postage of programme.

If walking within the region the group will car pool, with $3-$5 payable to your driver of the day.


Newlands Walking Group – Men and women 55+

Contact:          Newlands Community Centre                   

477 3724


Meet:               Tuesdays 10am, Newlands Community Centre

Description:     Short social walks approx 1 hr to keep fit.  Mixture of on-road and off-road walks, sometimes nature and historical with guide.

Cost:               Free group     


Lunchtime Civic Walkers – ideal for office workers but everyone is welcome

Contact:        Ron Ross

                     021 438205



Meet:            Tuesdays at 12.30 bottom of Plimmer Steps just off Lambton Quay.  Feb-Nov

Description: Hour long, brisk and interesting walks, usually into a piece of Town Belt or urban park

Cost:            Free



Wellington Scottish Walkers

Contact:          Leeane Palmer

                        021 298 5473


Meet:               Thursdays 5.30 pm, Freyberg Pool

Description:     Fast paced brisk walkers welcome, training for events.                   


Tararua Tramping Club

Contact:          Peggy Munn

233 1564

Website:          www.ttc.org.nz


Friends of the Wellington Town Belt – don’t do walks


Contact:      John Bishop

970 7496



Wellington Tramping Mountaineering Club



Website:          www.wtmc.org.nz


Lesbian Overland and Café Club – info off their website

 Contact:          Overlanders69@gmail.com


 Meet:               Second Sunday of the month 9.00 am or 10.00 am

 Description:    A social walking group for vaguely active lesbians and slightly fitter

women. Not a tramping group, but there is one "club" rule: walk some before retiring to a café. Check website for walk locations.


Johnsonville Walking Group

Contact:          Anne or Hazel

                        478 3406 or 461 7272


 Meet:               Mondays 9.30 am, Johnsonville Community Centre

 Description      Walks last for 1.5 to 2 hours.  Fair weather walkers.


Scenic Walkers 30+

Contact:           scenicwalkers@gmail.com  

Meet:               Sundays, fortnightly, at 10am, venue varies.

 Description:     Having fun, enjoy a scenic walk around the Wellington Region with us.


 Olympic Harrier Club (Social or competitive race walking)

 Contact:        Andrea Adams

                     479 4301



 Meet:            Saturdays April-October 1.45 pm, harriers clubrooms, Bannister Ave, Johnsonville.

 Description:  Social or competitive race walking, get together on a Saturday afternoon to go walking, regardless of ability or age.  Very social friendly club.

 Cost:             $15-80 per annum


Wellington Harriers – Cross country walking and running

Contact:       Graham Tattersall

Phone: 478 0278 or 021 164 2776


Meet:               Saturdays 1.30 pm, April – October

Description:     Enjoy walking without the pressure of competition? Keen on improving your fitness with the company of others.  Caters for social, fitness, beginners.

Cost:               $30 yearly membership

Wellington Frontrunners – not a walking group running only

 Contact: Nigel

Phone: 021 739 799

Email: wgtnfrontrunners@yahoo.com


Wellington Wednesday Walkers – by invitation only

Contact:          Elizabeth King

                        479 5702

Wellington Welsh Corgi Walking Club

Contact:          Michael Romanos

                        528 5861 


Meets:             First or second Sunday of the month 1.00 pm – 1.30 pm

Description:     Corgi owners, most involve optional wonderful energetic walks on bush etc tracks, share in the delight of Corgi ownership and exchanging ideas. Events include picnic lunch or afternoon tea. They are excellent socialising opportunities.

Sport Wellington Buggy Walks 100 + each month

Contact:          Tania Atkinson

                        389 0224


Meet:               First Thursday of every month 10.00 am.  Location changes every    month, but is in parks and forests around the Wellington Region.

Description:     Parents and caregivers out and active with their young children in parks and forest around the Greater Wellington Region.

Cost:                Free

Tawa Linden Walkers – Men and women aged 55+

Contact:          Barbara

                        021 1004790


Meet:               Tuesdays 9.00 am, outside Tawa RSA Hall

Description:     To maintain a reasonable level of fitness, diverse walks, very sociable and well organised.  Have yearly schedule of walks.

Cost:                Free

Otari Wiltons Bush Guided Walks

Contact:          Treehouse Visitors Centre

                        499 1400



Meet:               4th Sunday of every month 2.00 pm, leaving from information Centre

Description:     Otari Wiltons Bush runs guided monthly walks for everyone.  Check out walks, description and duration on their facebook link.

Cost:               $3


Botanic Garden Guided Walks

Contact:          Treehouse Visitors Centre

                        499 1400



Meet:               3rd Sunday and 4th Monday of every month 11.00 am

Description:     Botanic Gardens runs guided monthly walks for everyone.  Check walks start location, description and duration on their facebook link.

Cost:               $4



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