Submission to Wellington City Council on footpath parking 2005

Ralph Chapman's submission to Wellington City Council - he had two minutes to present it.

  • Living Streets Wellington has a strong interest in footpath parking
  • Left largely unchecked, footpath parking is increasing in Wellington.
  • Walking is vital to Wellington being a liveable city.  The message that Wellington is a great for walking needs to be proactively sold and supported. 
  • We need to nip in the bud the growing perception that footpath parking is generally OK.
  • We need to avoid it becoming a serious loss of amenity for those who walk in Wellington -- especially those, such as children, older people and the disabled, who need access to an uncluttered and safe footpath.
  • We generally support the report to the Council, although in places we consider action should be stronger.
  • The guidelines for targeting enforcement make sense, and are balanced.
  • Lifting the level of education and publicity work in 06-07 is vital and should be better funded.
  • An additional single enforcement officer is, we believer, inadequate, not commensurate with the cost of footpath damage being caused by such parking, and will not send the right signal of a more proactive council enforcement policy.
  • We understand that using penalty revenue to fund enforcement is now being worked into Recommendation 5.
  • We strongly recommend using increased penalty revenue to finance a greater resource commitment ? at least 2 additional officers.
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