Executive Council Minutes September 2009

Living Streets Aotearoa Inc 

Minutes of Executive Council Meeting

held 14 September 2009 at 6.00 p.m.

Meeting held by telephone conference call

Present:  Peter Kortegast (Nelson), Liz Thomas, Mike Mellor (Wellington); Rhys Taylor, Carina Duke (Christchurch); Daphne Bell (Hamilton); Andy Smith; Gay Richards (North Shore) took the minutes

Apologies: Nina Arron

Confirmation of Minutes Executive Council meeting – 17 August  2009

Resolved: Daphne, Rhys, carried

That the minutes of the meeting on 17th August 2009 be confirmed

Matters arising from minutes

Executive area of website – Peter to write up brief for Pete Davies so Executive can have a secure work space. Liz now looking at training for Executive and key person in each branch.

Transfer to Kiwibank progressing.

Safer Journeys – Liz / Peter to have consultation. Mike points out that relative safety of modes should be noted. Liz noted speed, Gay noted increasing driving age. Liz also noted that footpath maintenance is importantto reduce trips and falls - should be considered under road safety.

ACTION: Peter to draft submission, due 2 Oct 2009

Director’s Report

Peter asked that Opus be acknowledged in his bio on the website.

Peter thanked Liz for quick work on the Health & Safety plan

Daphne and Mike progressing the Director’s performance review

Regarding the Director’s work plan, Liz noted the following

- organising training on the website for staff and Executive
- arranging Kelvin’s temporary replacement

Financial Report for August 2009

Resolved: Andy, Carina, carried

That the Financial Report for August 2009 be accepted.

Rhys queried what the different periods meant. Andy to clarify this with more budget information.

Lily to send membership capitation info to branches

Walk 2010 Conference Committee progress

Tim Hughes & Jayne Gardine (MOH) have agreed to be involved, Nathaniel Benfield (NP), Robyn Rawson (Queenstown)  interested, also Helen Reynolds (VUW)

Tentative date for conference 2 - 3 August 2010. Liz is Speaking to Glenda on Wednesday.

Noting other conferences next year - Daphne will probably be at LGNZ conference next July – Rhys could also provide a presence.

NZTA and MOT network meeting feedback

NZTA explained where they saw Living Streets Aotearoa making a difference - asked about Walking conference and pleased someone going to Walk21 – would like a presentation on return. Pete said he could talk to Mark Edwards about the possibility of the Integrated Planning Strategy being launched at the NZ Walking conference.

Peter reminded Executive that these meetings are opportunities to raise issues.

Face to Face March 2010 Nelson

Agreed on venue but difficulty finding date in March / April – either before or after Easter.

ACTION: Liz to send Executive a online scheduling tool to coordinate.

Policy on conferences (NZ and International)

Daphne drafted proposal with factors to be considered. Agreed that what is important is  what a person attending the conference can contribute to raising the organisation’s profile and networking opportunities, rather than time served.

Resolved: Peter, Mike, carried

That the conference policy be adopted.

Attendance Cycle Conference Nov 2009

Liz is presenting a paper on walking/cycling cooperation representing Living Streets Aotearoa. Daphne (HCC) will be there and Peter is presenting paper on walking/cycling shared path conflict, representing Living Streets Aotearoa.?? He’s down on the programme representing Opus for his paper

Attendance at IPENZ Transport Conference 2010 Christchurch -  March 2010

Any interest? Possibility for presenting a paper. Christchurch branch to discuss.

Living Streets Submission process

Little progress has been made on this. This led to a discussion of roles – and Executive members’ particular areas of interest, expertise.

Opportunities for walking and cycling capital funding in model communities projects -

Peter to give it some thought .

Urban protocols campaign, possibly an area of interest to Grant

Footprints – Rhys happy to take some responsibility for oversight of the newsletter.

ACTION: Liz and Peter to look at Executive roles before next meeting.

General Business

Car Free day  - reminder of various events 22 September 2009.

Meeting closed: 7.05pm




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