Waitakere Waewae Walking minutes 6 November 2009

Meeting Notes 6 November 2009


Present: Vincent Dickie (L.S.A), Jenny Tanner (M-R Neighbourhood Project), Emma Frost (RAP), Carol Davis (Sports Waitakere), Kimberley Williams (Ranui Community House), Patrisha O’Sullivan

Apologies: Dot Dalziel

Welcome: Emma

Karakia: Jenny

Notetakers: Kim & Jenny

Previous minutes: Received as accurate

Matters arising from previous minutes:

  • McLaren Park idea to produce a video highlighting Candia Rd hotspots ‘parked’ until we hear from Leao & Tania.
    ACTION: Defer to next meeting
  • Micro-bike issue seems a rising problem with Emma sighting incidences in Carlas Way.
    - Needs a whole ‘Education’ Awareness approach in the community
    - Jenny is familiar with Safe Waitakere organising a Big Wheels type Day some years ago. Wheels Day at local school have also been run. Good opportunity for education
    - Vincent discussed Shared spaces initiative in CHCH
    - Carol Timmins of Safe Waitakere may be someone to suggest support for a Wheels & Walk Day
    ACTION: Vincent to find out about the Cycling Action Group in Waitakere
    • Walk2Work 2010
      - Emma was not able to submit MM funding application
      - Carol will discuss possible resourcing from Sports Waitakere
      - Westgate may be too challenging and launching the event at Westcity more realistic
      - Suggestions of who to approach included ‘Leisure’ at Council, Bernadette Fatu at Council, Travel Wise’ coordinator at Council (Vincent will contact), Robin Jenkin-Winters for business involvement (Emma will contact)
      ACTION: Invite appropriate people to our next meeting to arrange an event (at least get dialogue started)
    • Road Map of relevant contacts
      – still ongoing with Vincent setting up meeting with ECO Matters & Sustainable Ranui-Swanson re finding street level ‘leadership’ to progress this work.


Getting new people on board

  • Ideas discussed:
    - Inviting Max or Robert Lipka – Senior Urban Designer for WCC as speakers for upcoming meeting.
    - Publicity article ie What’s On column (needs 2-3 weeks notice) in Western Leader to get new people along. Useful to contact Sonia Davies at Western Leader.
    - Attending local event to raise profile of LSA/WWW preferable to organising a separate gathering
  • Upcoming Pacific in the park, Moire Rd
    - Being held in two weeks, 3-8pm
    - Trisha is available to man a stall and will contact Bernie Fatu to register
    - Emma has offered to do up a form to take down registrations of interest
    - Vincent will provide information resources to hand out and explore prize options
    - Carol has ‘Pram Walking’ brochures to give out also
    • Suggest Robert Lipka be part of the Walk & Wheels day or the Walk2Work day

Ranui Community House

  • Unfortunately Kim had to leave before the meeting finished but had advised earlier that there are currently 5 walking groups

Living streets membership.

  • Brochures handed out and people encouraged to join
    • Fees support the work of LSA

Newsletter (Footprints)

  • Thank you to Vincent for getting an article on WWW!!!


Friday 4th December at 10.30am

Friday 5th February

Friday 5th March


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