Waitakere Waewae Walking meeting minutes 04 December 2009

 Waitakere Waewae Walking Group

Meeting Notes 4 December 2009


Present: Emma Frost (RAP), Vincent Dickie (Living Streets), Barbara Bernard (Ecomatters), Carol Davis (Sport Waitakere).

Apologies: Jenny Tanner, Yuki Kumya, Patrisha, Anne Rennie, Kim Williams

Note taker: Vincent

Previous minutes: Received as accurate

Matters arising from previous minutes:

McLaren Park walking schoolbus video

·         Group hasn’t heard update from Leao. 

·         Action Point (AP): Emma to contact Leao and check in with her.

Awards for members

We have some awards for members but this has been delayed due to low turnout today.  We will do this at our first meeting in the new year.

ARC Auckland Regional Land Transport Strategy (ARLTS) group submission

Vincent explained the ARC’s draft strategy which is a 30-year plan for transport in the greater region.  The draft strategy is very pro public transport, walking/cycling and sustainability.  It seems to be a good one for Living Streets to support as it is likely to be challenged by central Government’s commitment to building more and more roads.  A full copy of this document is available here.  If you only have 1 minute to read the introduction, it’s available here. 

We talked about the development at the end of SH16 and the draft ARLTS shows there has been provision made for cycleways and walkways (according to the maps in the document).  This link is here.

Attendees of the meeting agreed to support a draft group submission but people are encouraged to make their own submissions.  Vincent will send a draft to members before anything is submitted.  The due date is 18 December 2009.  Vincent distributed submission forms to meeting attendees.  He asks that group members who don’t wish to read the report at least please read the introduction here. 

You can make a brief on-line submission here.  If you wish to download the form and send it in, you can do so here.

Cycling groups

Vincent established that Cycle Action Network do not have an established network in West  Auckland.  The groups are keen to see more activity in this area.

Walk to Work on March 10

Vincent and Patrisha will attend a meeting on Tuesday 15th December with Sport Waitakere to look at running the event with Sport Waitakere.  Suggested contacts for event are:

·         Robin JenkinsWinters (Planner at Waitakere Council working with businesses)

·         Barbara Joy of Waitakere Enterprise

·         AP: Emma will talk with Leisure people at Waitakere Council

Road map of contacts

Vincent has been gathering a database of contacts for our group.  Many of the e-mail addresses are on the lists which circulate.

Footprints magazine

AP: Vincent will bring the Footprints magazine next time he visits RAP as it has a small piece on our group.


We need a place for information about our group to be stored.  Vincent will arrange a place for us on the Living Streets website. www.livingstreets.org.nz

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