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Active a2b is a health and wellbeing programme run by Greater Wellington to encourage employees in Wellington workplaces to walk or cycle to work. It runs from January to March 2010 and aims to transform your trip to work into something valuable.


Why would you want to walk or cycle to work?

  • You’ll get fitter. Even 10-15 minutes of walking or cycling twice a day is enough to give you significant health benefits. The more and further you walk or cycle, the fitter you get.
  • You’ll arrive at work energised, alert and ready to face the day.
  • For people who live within 5km of their CBD workplace, cycling is the fastest way to get to work. Trips of 8 to 12 km in urban areas may take the same time or less on a bike than by car. For both cycling and walking, you can go from door to door without congestion or parking problems.
  • You’ll save money on transport. Once you have a bike or a pair of comfortable shoes, walking and cycling are free. You might save money on a gym membership too.
  • When you hit the streets on your bike or on your feet, it can be a social event. You’ll also be amazed at all the things going on around you that you never noticed from your car.


The three month programme is designed to be personalised to every individual. Each participant receives a programme that effectively motivates and supports them to meet their own goals. Each programme is built from the following groups of tools:


Competitions and challenges: Team work and challenges for walkers and cyclists with Living Street’s Summer Steps Challenge and the  Bikewise Challenge.


Social support: Chances to win prize packs for participants and their supporters and family packs with tailored information for school and household journeys.


Advice information and training: One on one phone and email support from our personal travel planner and the invitation to attend free cycling workshops.


Encouragement and progress measurement: A desktop calendar to record progress against goals, regular e-newsletters and an online calculator to quantify benefits gained


Events: Celebrate at Walk2Work Day on 10 March and Go by Bike Day 17 February


Visit the Greater Wellington website for more detail on what’s available

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