Executive Council Minutes December 2009

Living Streets Aotearoa Inc 

Minutes of Executive Council Meeting

Held on 14 December 2009

 Meeting held by telephone conference call.

 Present:  Peter Kortegast (Nelson), Liz Thomas, Mike Mellor (Wellington); Rhys Taylor, Nina Arron (Lawrence); Daphne Bell (Hamilton); Andy Smith; Gay Richards (North Shore) took the minutes

Apologies: Carina Duke

Grant’s absence was noted and it was agreed that Peter would contact him.

ACTION: Peter to contact Grant about his availability for committee meetings.

Confirmation of Minutes Executive Council meeting – 9 November  2009

Resolved: Andy, Daphne, carried

That the minutes of the meeting on 9 November 2009 be confirmed, with spelling corrections.

Matters arising from minutes

Face to Face meeting – date confirmed - 20 - 21 March 2010

Directors Report

Liz spoke to her report noting that:

a keynote speaker is still to be confirmed for 2010 Walking Conference, Walk2Work workplace challenge being trialled in Christchurch, Wellington and possibly North Shore. Rhys asked for more information about this.

Walking awards report completed

Meeting with Minister of Transport cancelled. Letter inviting him to Walking Conference sent.

Celia and Liz attended half day forum with Rod Oram about the National Cyleway.

Health & safety policy being implemented.

Rhys suggested that Director’s Report could note things that haven’t been done or that Director would have liked to have done, as a creative tool.  Rhys agreed to discus discuss this further with Liz.  An example keeping website up to date – Gay offered some help on this.

Financial Report for August 2009

Resolved: Rhys, Daphne, carried

That the Financial Report for November 2009 be received

Andy explained that the report compares April – November with last year.

Liz noted it was interesting and useful to have that comparison.

Urban Design Champion Appointment

To meet Living Streets Aotearoa’s obligation to the Urban design protocol, the Ministry for the Environment has asked us to appoint a champion to replace Ralph. Nina would be keen to have this role.

Resolved: Mike, Peter, carried

That Nina be appointed Urban Design Champion for Living Streets Aotearoa.

We will be making an application for sustainability funding – deadline January 2010.

ACTION: Liz to send information to Nina and advise Ministry for the Environment.

Conference Committee Update

Logo confirmed:  date confirmed (2-3 August 2010); keynote still to be found – some names discussed, some have already been explored by committee, not available or not on theme.

Executive reminded to promote conference at any opportunity

Peter going to Australian cycling conference in Adelaide in January.

 Business Planning

Discussion of meeting with NZTA (notes circulated by Peter). Culture has definitely changed and funding will need to obtained by fitting appropriate programmes. Needs to be a focus on economic efficiency. Need to pursue other sources of funding, e.g. NZ Lottery grants for maps.

A business case needs to be put to NZTA as soon as possible –early in new year, before Face to Face.

The current status of the Getting There strategy queried, there is no implementation plan.

 Face to Face Nelson 2010

Peter suggested an upmarket backpackers style hostel handy to meeting venue.

ACTION: Peter to investigate accommodation availability.

Director’s Review (Executive Only)

Review as circulated by Mike noted.

Appropriateness of a salary increase due to uncertain future funding position discussed.

Resolved: Nina, Daphne, carried

That a salary increase of 3% for the Director be offered.

ACTION: Mike to advise Liz

General Business

Submission on 4404 subdivision standard open. Daphne going to workshop on this and will link in with Nina and Fiona Whero.

Janet’s presentation to NZTA on Walk21 conference rescheduled to 28 January.

Submissions also open on Auckland RLTS and Auckland Region Public Transport. Gay and others in Auckland region working on these.

Submission on Walking Access due at the end of this week – extended to after Christmas. Documents on Walking Access Commission website. Mike championing this.

Peter wished all a Safe and Merry Christmas.

Meeting Closed 7.15pm

Next meeting 8 February 2010.


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