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Martin is Principal Transport Planner for Colin Buchanan consultancy.  His work covers a broad range of policy, research and design experience.  He has worked with professionals from a variety of disciplines to develop more holistic transport appraisal methods encompassing the wider economic, health, and environmental impacts of sustainable transport measures. 

 He was on the research team that developed “Are the streets paved with gold? Research into the value of street design” .  He was also on the team that developed the WAVES tool for valuing walking improvements.  Further work on different approaches to valuing walking is ongoing with more results expected by the time of the conference. 

 Martin is on the Walk21 expert panel on best practice for the international benchmarking of walking and also contributes to the European Pedestrian Quality Needs project.  He has spoken at several recent conferences to both technical and non-specialist audiences on the topic of valuing walking, methods to measure pedestrian activity, and improving the quality of the walking environment.  

As a consultant with a considerable evidence base of scheme monitoring and behavioural research, he can also provide hands-on robust examples of designing for pedestrians.

Key specialties:

  • Measuring pedestrian activity
  • Valuing walking / valuing street design
  • Measuring ‘walkability’: auditing the pedestrian environment
  • Streets for all: Designing for walking
  • Sharing space: pedestrian and vehicle interaction
  • Monitoring and performance indicators
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