Meeting Notes 8 February 2010


Meting Notes

8 February 2010


Present: Rochelle Young (Sport Waitakere – Active Waitakere), Jenny Tanner (Massey-Ranui Neighbourhood Back2Back Project), Richard Lee ((Sustainable Ranui-Swanson), Roi Stephens (Neighbourhood support), Emma Frost (Ranui Action Project), Leao Tildsley (McLaren Park &Henderson South Community Initiative)

Apologies: Tania Heke (MPHS)


Leao is involved in the launch of the mural she has designed in her area. She was congratulated and presented with a certificate for the longest Walking School Bus (3.2km) in Auckland.

A number of issues are being identified along their route. WCC has walked with them to gather actual observations

o Curving creating problem with lack of safe paths

o Candia Road path is overgrown

 Roi is following this up

 Leao requesting assistance from Bernie at Council

o Leao is addressing the car park with the school suggesting that the grassed area is under-utilised and is a possible alternative parking area). New Plymouth example of no parking 100 meters from school could also be a consideration.

 Roi will carry out audit.

o Discussed a reward system to sustain motivation to use Walking School Bus

 Roi to pass on information about Kia Foundation

 Sport Waitakere can provide donations of merchandise

Eco matters

They are working with schools to address transport issues. Vincent is meeting with them next week. Discussed linking efforts of SRS / Sport Waitakere etc

Sports Waitakere

Need more people walking to make walking safer. Highlighted events included:

- Ray Rattroy – close up featuring story of cycling on Scenic Drive

- Kids bike days

- Currently an amnesty period for school cyclists is in place

Need to normalise cycling (ie) issues of perceptions regarding lycra and fluro vests. Avanti Plus stories have prioritised work around new developments to ensure safer walking & cycling suburban property.

o Roi requested copies of the Kelston/Glendene maps

o McLaren Park is developing theirs

W2W (March 10th) contact Waitakere enterprise

This is a nation wide event with events being held all over Auckland. Vincent is working closely with Sports Waitakere and has received donation of muesli bars from WCC. Pursing venue at Council by Esquires but it needs champion to progress this piece of work. Options for non-centralised plus centralised events discussed. Creative ideas for walking are needed ie park further.Impacts of the super city will reflect on next years events. Important to encourage businesses, Community Waitakere , Waipareira as a sustainable model for the continuation of W2W events


Hobsonville Extension Walk

Being held 10 – 2pm 21st Feb (Sat) starting in Massey. Further details will be forwarded as they arise. Buses will return participants to the start point

Upcoming Activities

- Council draft comes out in March

- Living Streets have active role in process and will seek feedback from members

- Te Raa Mokopuna day 27th March. Kids treasure hunt activity an idea (map of Moiré Park could be used) Rochelle confirmed will be Carol involved

- Other events in newsletter

- Toddlers day out in March

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 2nd March 10.30 @ RAP







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