Safer Pedestrian Journeys

Roads will be safer for pedestrians when actions outlined in the Safer Journeys strategy are implemented.

 “We applaud the move to change the give way rules for turning traffic”, says Peter Kortegast, President of Living Streets Aotearoa.  “Drivers concentrating on oncoming traffic, and whether they have right of way to turn, often fail to see pedestrians crossing at intersections, with tragic results.  Making intersections safer for all road users will cut the number of crashes.”

Living Streets supports the actions which will ensure that young drivers have more education, skills and practice.  Better driver skills and attitudes from an early age will ensure that drivers share the road more safely with pedestrians and cyclists.

“Reducing speed is the one single thing which will improve safety on the road for all road users,” says Liz Thomas, Living Streets’ Director.  “Slower speeds mean that drivers have more chance of avoiding crashes with pedestrians.  Pedestrians hit at slower speeds have a much higher chance of surviving the crash.  At the moment it can be very difficult for local authorities to lower speed limits until enough people have been injured or killed to justify it.”

Living Streets is disappointed that Safer Speeds is not listed for immediate action in the strategy.  It is listed for possible action, even though the Transport Minister’s media release said it was a top priority.

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