Meeting Minutes 23 March 2010


Meeting Notes

23 March 2010


Present: Emma Frost (Ranui Action Project), Vincent Dickie (Living Streets Aotearoa – Auckland), Sandy Mills (WCC), Dot Dalziel (WCC), Robert Lipka (WCC)

Apologies: Kimberley Williams (RCH)

Previous Minutes

  • Walking School Bus – Bernie being replaced by Jill Stokes till June due maternity leave
  • Sustainable Ranui-Swanson – Has set of deliverables related to transport. Difficult to implement meaningful action
  • Sports Waitakere – Building a good working relationship. More involved with ‘Move It’. Enua Ola festival at Trust Stadium this weekend.
  • Hobsonville Extension Walk

r                  Vincent to contact Linda Shaw (MM) to link their newsletter with NZTA website


Vincent provided a summary of the successes and challenges of this national event.

Te Raa Mokopuna Day

Still need more volunteers. Please contact Vincent if you are able to help out.


New Auckland Council: ‘what to expect’

Discussed some of the implications including ARTA will now become a component of ARC. An important connection to be maintained is with local boards which will provide a strong advocacy role in respect of WCC’s work that supports community. It is important for Living Streets to be a voice for local action and to have a strong influence on the wider perspectives of pedestrian safety.


Safer Journeys

Robert shared some of his concerns that the document doesn’t address for pedestrians. He suggested the need to give feedback to NZTA as a collective.

Discussed the concept of a ‘2 Stage Stop’ at intersections that provides safer crossing at these roads.

r                 Vincent will talk to Liz about ways to support this as a national objective of Living Sreets Aotearoa

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 4TH May 10.30 @ RAP

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