Minutes Executive Council Meeting 10 May 2010

Living Streets Aotearoa Inc 

Minutes of Executive Council Meeting

Held on 10th May 2010


Meeting held by telephone conference call.


1.    Present:  Peter Kortegast (Nelson) (with apologies for lateness), Liz Thomas (minutes), Mike Mellor (Wellington); Rhys Taylor (Christchurch), Daphne Bell (Hamilton); Andy Smith (Auckland);

2.    Apologies:  Carina Duke; Nina Arron; Gay Richards


3.    Confirmation of Minutes Executive Council meeting, 8th February 2009


Resolved: Mike, Daphne, carried

That the minutes of the Executive Council meeting held on 8 February 2010 be confirmed, with the amendment that Pete had arrived during the Matters Arising item.


4.    Matters Arising



Peter Kortegast arrives.


5.    Actions from Planning Workshop


Still to be done:


· Peter/ Liz/ Andy - Prepare 2010/11 budget 

· Andy - work towards moving term investments to 30 day terms

· Andy & Gay – identify minimum non-staff overheads

· All Executive – complete above and return to Daphne for anonymous collation by 6 April ’10 Daphne will send out a reminder to Exec members who have not sent their evaluation

· Liz will forward Rhys’s recommendations on wording changes to the vision and strategies

· Peter, Nina, Carina– look for possible replacements on Executive

· Rhys, Nina, Fiona & Lily – develop a membership package (this is nearly completed)

· Gay – prepare remit for increased membership fees

· Fiona – work on information to show benefits to allies, sponsors

· Peter – arrange meeting with Wayne Donnelly and Ian Meilstrom

· Peter – arrange for Shared Paths presentation to be available on website

· Mike – monitor and ensure correct process is followed in all employment related matters

· Liz to check date of next meeting with MoT

· Talking to potential Allies

     Liz sent information about Arthritis Foundation.  Talked to Mark Edwards about Rugby World Cup and sent email about it to Exec.

     Mike had informal discussions with AA Wellington, they are mentioning pedestrians in their submissions. 

     Rhys is talking to AA Canterbury.

     Lily still to contact Mental Health Foundation

     Daphne has been in touch with Bus and Coach Association and sent them an item for their newsletter

     Gay has been in touch with Safe Kids, CBT and Injury Prevention

     Andy has been talking with Transition Towns


Peter said that there were lots of cycling and walking papers at the IPENZ conference (more cycling than walking).  Daphne said there had been lots of mention of walking and cycling at the Planning Institute conference, from an equity angle.


Mike is drafting a letter to the Director on staffing issues.


6.    Director’s Report (including Conference update)


The Director’s Report was received. Liz spoke to the report bringing the Executive up to date with plans for 2010 conference with updates on keynote speakers, sponsorships and registration.


Agreed that Exec Council members who requested it would have their registration, travel and accommodation for conference paid for.


Walking Awards – Last year’s judges should be asked first.  Peter happy to be a judge again.  Other suggestions Iain McAuley (MoT), Jason Morgan or Mark Edwards (NZTA), Fran Wilde, Meg Christie.


7.    Financial report


The budget figures for 2010-11 will be entered next week

Note that the equity figure includes $5,823 held for branches and $13,218 Walk Wellington surplus.


Resolved: Andy, Peter, carried

That the Financial Report for April 2010 be received.


8.    Volunteer Strategy


Resolved: Mike, Daphne carried

That the Living Streets Volunteer Strategy and Implementation Plan be adopted.


9.    Membership fees and capitation


The Constitution says in 7.5 “Capitation at a rate fixed by the Executive Council, shall be paid to Branches six-monthly, based on the number of Branch members at the end of the previous financial year and six months later.”  Lily was preparing to send capitation at the agreed rate of 80% to the branches.


Resolved: Andy, Daphne carried

That branches be informed about our financial situation, and told that there will be no payment at present, and future capitation payments will depend on the availability of funds.


10. General business


·         Daphne asked about financial assistance to conference for advocates in addition to the reduced Advocates Rate for registration.  This needs to be consistent across the country.  If assistance given, people need to book early for travel.



That a limited fund of $3,000 be allocated for assistance for convenors of groups, (with a maximum $500 per person) who apply in writing, to be decided by a small sub group (Pete and Andy).


·         The Walk Wellington Annual Report 2009-10, Annual Plan 2010 were received.  


Meeting closed 7.05pm

Next meeting 14th June


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