Minutes Executive Council Meeting 24 May 2010

Living Streets Aotearoa Inc 

Minutes of Executive Council Meeting

held 24 May 2010

Meeting held by telephone conference call

Present: Peter Kortegast, Mike Mellor, Andy Smith, Rhys Taylor, Daphne Bell, Carina Duke, Liz Thomas, Gay Richards (took the minutes)

Apologies: Nina Arron

Peter opened the meeting explaining the key reasons for this special meeting.

·         That developments since the Face to Face meeting indicate that we would not hear the outcome of the NZTA funding application until early September.

·         That a funding application of $125,000 was made to NZTA – half of what was initially envisaged.

·         That the Executive Director’s contract runs to 30 September 2010.

It was confirmed that NZTA has been approached for interim funding to cover the period from July to September, but the outcome would not be known for several weeks.

It was agreed that Liz would be included in this discussion and she was comfortable with this.

Peter, Daphne, Mike & Andy have discussed the options by phone and email. The outcome of these discussions is outlined in the email sent by Mike on 24 May 2010 at 12.02pm. Mike explained the situation outlined in that email.

Mike and Liz also looked at the situation from a deliverables perspective.

A Lotteries Grant of just under $20,000 has been received  – this covers website, Footprints, some office costs but no staff funding. Liz will clarify with Lotteries whether there is any flexibility in this.

This means that the positions of Administration Officer, Project Officer, Auckland Networker and South Island Networker must be terminated on 30 June 2010.

The Executive emphasises that we are only making these decisions due to budgetary restraints and that we continue to value the energy, commitment and enthusiasm of all the staff.

It was noted that the Director’s role, subject to NZTA funding would change with the loss of staff management and would need to take on more administrative tasks. Liz confirmed that she was familiar with the financial functions and prepared to take these on in the interim.

A new job description and contract would need to be offered once the level of NZTA funding is known.

 The Executive and other volunteers would need to take on some tasks such as managing memberships. Accounts would be about 6 hours a week. This needs to be discussed during the interim period and possibly by the newly elected Executive immediately post—conference.

It was noted that it would be important for Executive members in Christchurch and Auckland to support the networkers but that their privacy must be respected. Liz will advise networkers that support has been offered by Rhys, Carina, Gay and Andy.

Resolved: Mike / Peter, carried

That the actions outlined in Mike’s email (24 May 2010) be confirmed.

That the Executive Director be authorised to issue notices of termination of employment to staff in line with their employment contracts.

That the Executive Director be authorised to terminate leases and dispose of surplus assets as appropriate.

That the Executive will give the Executive Director the appropriate notice of termination of her employment contract.

That commitments made to fund the attendance of staff at the 2010 NZ Walking Conference be honoured and offered to all staff whose contracts are to terminate.

That any further necessary decisions in relation to these matters be delegated to a subcommittee of Peter, Mike, Andy.

Discussion followed about funds held for Branches. Some of this money may relate to external funding received but the rest is from capitation from membership fees. It could be suggested to branches that this money be put towards funding advocates to conference or branches to could offer to return the money to general funds. Branches have not yet been informed that capitation grants have been cancelled this year.

Mike thanked Liz for her forbearance and handling of these difficult matters.

Liz left the meeting.

It was agreed that the next Executive Council meeting should remain scheduled for
 14 June 2010, 6pm

Meeting closed 6.45pm

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