Winner of the Golden Foot Award 2010: Top Commitment by an Organisation

Nelson City Council

Stepping Out                                  


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Since 2005 many initiatives have been undertaken working toward achieving the vision of increasing walking in Nelson.  New pathways have been built, crossing refuges installed, walking audits carried out and engineering standards reviewed.

School Travel planning continues in earnest and the council continues to support walking school buses at schools and the Feet First initiative

Nelson was involved in the Walk2Work promotion in March 2010. Over 100 walkers called in to celebrate together with a shared healthy breakfast.

Shared Pathway and Lanes and Linkages maps have been reprinted and continue to be widely distributed in the community.

Nelson City Council has a large programme of work planned for the next five years that has funding. Much of this work is “business as usual” with many street upgrades, intersection and prioritised minor improvements projects, which do improve infrastructure for walking and cyclists


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