Minutes Executive Council meeting 14 June 2010

Living Streets Aotearoa Inc 

Minutes of Executive Council Meeting

held 14 June 2010

Meeting held by telephone conference call

Present: Peter Kortegast, Mike Mellor, Andy Smith, Rhys Taylor, Daphne Bell, Liz Thomas, Carina Duke, Gay Richards (took the minutes)

Apologies: Nina Arron

Confirmation of Minutes of previous meetings


Resolved: Mike, Daphne, carried

That the minutes of the Executive Council meeting held on 10 May 2010 and the special meeting on 24 May 2010 be confirmed.

Matters arising

Action points from 10 May meeting still to be reviewed – deferred to end of meeting.

Staying positive

Peter emphasised the importance of staying positive.

There is much to celebrate with the Walking Conference and Golden Foot Awards coming up. The Model Communities is generating much enthusiasm.

The Ministry of Transport – looking at walking and cycling strategy again.

Liz is to be congratulated on maintaining her enthusiasm.

Nina has put forward a person for the Executive.

Director’s Report

Staffing matters are following due process with staff taking annual leave before finishing on 30 June. Fiona to work until the end of the first week of July and has indicated she would be prepared to do half a day per week voluntarily.

Assets in Auckland will be held by Andy.

There has been no response from the letter to NZTA requesting interim funding.

New Plymouth Walking Action Group set up – hosted by New Plymouth District Council.

Annual report to NZTA highlights how much good work is going on.


Resolved: Rhys, Peter carried

That the Director’s report be received.

Financial Report

Peter asked whether Walk Wellington finances are included in the statement of assets & liabilities.

Lily included this information in notes which accompany the end of year accounts – about $13,000

Lotteries money received is also included in accounts.

ASB funding was declined.

Liz noted that the Unitec seminar “Understanding Your Organisation’s Finances” is very useful and highlights the importance of the governance body of not-for-profits understanding financial accounts.  It is a one day course run by Unitec.

ACTION: Andy to identify Walk Wellington and new Lotteries money in future financial statements.

Resolved: Rhys, Peter, carried

That the financial report for May 2010 be received.

2010 Conference

Reminders have gone out that Earlybird registration ends 18 June 2010. Executive were urged to register before Friday and promote to all their networks.

ACTION: Gay, Andy and Carina to promote conference at active transport forums this week.

Golden Foot Walking Awards also need to be promoted to get more nominations in by 30 June 2010.

AGM planning

Nina has suggested someone from Dunedin.

ACTION: Liz to get a bio from her.

Peter also working on an Executive prospect.

Other possible prospects mentioned.

President’s report required 2 July

ACTION: Gay to draft notice of AGM to be sent to members at least 28 days before, Liz will send using current membership list, must ensure those without email receive notice.

ACTION: Peter – President’s Report needs to be with Liz by 2 July 2010.

ACTION: Executive to make travel bookings for conference as soon as possible and make arrangements for free or cheap accommodation to minimise costs.

Membership Fees

The membership subcommittee’s proposal on fee increases received. Agreed that this does not need to be a remit at the AGM but members should be informed.

Resolved: Peter, Carina carried

That the membership fees recommendations be adopted and that fees be reviewed biennially. That Life membership be considered at a later date.

Upcoming meetings with NZTA & Ministry of Transport

Peter will continue to advocate for interim funding and highlight value of Conference and Walking Awards.

General business:

Celia Wade-Brown has asked Living Streets Aotearoa to support her nomination for a Trafinz award. Agreed that this would be good for our profile.

ACTION: Liz to facilitate this.

Model Communities

Peter provided an update on this NZTA initiative - Hastings, New Plymouth, Taupo and Nelson have been shortlisted. Next round will choose just one or maybe two communities to get $7 million funding for walking / cycling infrastructure.

Executive evaluation - Daphne was thanked for her work on this.

Actions points from Face – to Face meeting

ACTION: Liz will send out a list of these for Executive to check what is still outstanding.

Meeting closed 7.05pm

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