Warren Cole Cycle and Walkway

Warren Cole Walk and Cycleway

Whakatane District Council

The Warren Cole Walk and Cycleway is a new 2.1 km long, all weather accessway along the Whakatane River stop bank. It runs from the Whakatane River Bridge to the Whakatane Gardens and Amphitheatre. It is a part of the Council’s overall Whakatane River Greenways Project which stretches for 5km from the Whakatane River mouth to the SH2 Whakatane River Bridge.

The walk and cycleway utilises the opportunity of the stop bank to give elevated uninterrupted views of the river and wider landscape. The inclusion of recreational and design elements which draw inspiration from the Whakatane River and local culture, make it a distinctive local recreational asset.

The project is an outstanding success that has exceeded the expectations of Whakatane residents and visitors to the district. The Warren Cole Walk and Cycleway was officially opened on 9 December 2009 by HWM Colin Holmes and Mr Warren Cole (Olympic Gold Medallist)


warren cole with signpost





warren cole watersedge


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