Horsham Downs to Hamilton Walk and Cycleway

Horsham Downs to Hamilton Walking and Cycling Path

Horsham Downs Hall Committee

A highly motivated and determined community worked alongside two councils to create a safe, 4.5km walking and cycling link between Horsham Downs Village and Hamilton.

This walking and cycling route links Horsham Downs and Resolution Drive initially by a 1.4km footpath alongside the road and then by an off road walking and cycling route through a future roading reserve which HCC has granted a License to Occupy.

As this project did not meet Council’s criteria (pedestrian counts, traffic volumes…), it would have been impossible to complete without the generosity of the community. The costs of surveying, tree removal, track preparation, the metal spreading and compacting totaling well in excess of $20,000 were all gifted to this project.
Horsham Downs was a quiet rural area north of Hamilton but as the city has grown north increasing traffic and lack of footpaths meant that it was previously unsafe for local children to walk to school.

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