Mythbusters - the economic impact of road space reallocation

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In seeking to optimise the use of existing infrastructure and develop more vibrant shopping centres by creating places/spaces that people want to visit, many Councils are seeking to reallocate road space.

Often there is strong opposition to reallocation of road space schemes, primarily because they often result in loss of parking. International and limited New Zealand research shows that there are positive economic benefits encouraging walking and cycling. However, there is a need to gather New Zealand Case Studies where schemes have been successful in both transport and economic terms, to assist in the development of future projects.

This study aims to work with the local business community and users of the local shopping centres to identify the key factors that create these environments and encourage more spending, resulting in economic growth. The paper provides information on the results of the international and New Zealand Literature Review, an outline of the "Case Study Compendium” and the outcomes of the economic surveys with an indication of the $ spent per user type.

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Tracy Allatt has over 10 years experience in the sustainable transport field in the local government and consultancy sectors. She is passionate about promoting travel choice and creating a more equitable environment for walking, cycling and public transport. Originally from the UK but now a New Zealand resident, Tracy brings international experience and a good understanding of the "kiwi psyche"  which contributed to this particular study. 

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