Dunedin City Council Mayoral candidates survey responses, 2010, plain text

Here is the text of candidates suvey responses, for those who do not want to download, courtesy of Spokes Dunedin

Questions re Cycling and Walking in Dunedin - Mayoral Candidates

by Spokes Dunedin on Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 10:44pm

Note some candidates have not responded, if they do, we will update this.

Questions sent to the candidates

1.      How do you consider we can improve Dunedin's reputation to make it more walking & cycle friendly for locals and visitors?

2.      In your role as a Councillor/Mayor  would you commit to acting according to the principles in the International Walking Charter which apply equally to cycling

3.      Do you support opening the Caversham and Chain Hills Tunnels to cyclists and walkers to provide a near flat and safer route between Dunedin and Mosgiel?

4.      Do you support the current situation on John Wilson Ocean Drive which is open to vehicles with parking for half its length and open for walking and cycling the final kilometre?

5.      What other initiatives would you propose to help make walking and cycling in Dunedin  enjoyable?


Responses in alphabetical order



1. Expand, link and coordinate cycling and pedestrian paths. That includes both on-road and off-road paths so that cyclists (particularly) can traverse the city without using roads that have no cycling facility at all. That could include some cycle only streets. In any event, all aspects of transport need to be planned together: cycling, public transport, parking, pedestrian, freight and railways.

2. Yes

3. Yes

4. Yes

5. Dunedin needs to rethink the practicality and safety of some of its cycle lanes. Currently the assumption is that motorized vehicles are the predominant use, and cyclists will be accommodated if possible, but at their own risk.

Two way cycle lanes separated from motorised traffic and combined cycle/pedestrian paths could be safer in balance than some current configurations. A mere white line gives only an illusion of separation and no protection to a cyclist at all.



1. We could extend the cycle track to Port Chalmers. The City Council could provide free bicycles for Tourists and could put cycle racks in the Octagon. (I think it is important that people should keep fit.A healthy City Is a happy City.I think that the City is well served by walking tracks but they could be advertised a lot more. The town belt needs a bit of work.)

2. Not answered

3. Yes It would give easier access from Mosgiel to Dunedin.

4. No I would like John Wilson Drive open to all vehicles

5. I think that more heavy freight should be sent by rail to keep heavy vehicles off the road. I think there should be facilities on Trains and Buses for carrying pushbikes.



1. The completion of the cycleway project from Portobello to Port Chalmers has the potential to be one of our great tourist attractions, but we need to prioritise commuter routes for the residents who are paying for them.

2. YES

3. Yes, aside from the practical benefits for commuters on both sides, there is something fantastic about the aesthetic of the entrance (to the Caversham tunnel in particular) and subterranean cycling that appeals to both residents and tourists alike.

4. I think it is important to provide balanced access to John Wilson Drive.

As spectacular as a walking/cycling facility it is, we can't ignore the fact the some people have physical limitations that preclude them from enjoying it in this manner, and to deprive them some of Dunedin's best scenic vantage point would be disappointing.

5. More could be done to provide safer cycling access around the inner City, on busier roads a couple of painted white lines between a fleet of trucks and rows of parked cars isn't always comforting, and the fatalities and

 injuries that do occur are proof it isn't always the safest. Also, due to the terrain of Dunedin, we need to expedite the option for cyclists to put their bikes on buses to travel back up to the Hill Suburbs.



1. We can improve Dunedin's reputation by maintaining, improving our infrastructure; ie. footpath, crossing (George st) and cycle lanes.

And leading by example. I cycle every day.

My youngest child takes the bus and walks all the time, as well as cycling.


3. Yes, I do.

We are the wildlife capital of NZ! Lets maintain, look after our first class natural heritage and promote cycling and walking every day!

4. No. I would love to make it a permanent "boardwalk"; cycling, walking, roller skating. More vegetation, benches.

5. do not wish to make empty promises for political gain. My aim will be to work with concerned community groups and enhance what we already have under tight fiscal management. I am the proud owner of a tandem and I hope to have a fellow councillor on the back seat!



Please excuse my minimal response, but time is very tight and similar questions have been asked by Sport Otago.

I hope my reply to them will serve for you also.

Thinking in terms of the ‘Active City’ as outlined in the Council’s long term strategic plan is a boring bureaucratic box-ticking exercise which does little to boost real activity.

We should file the plan, and look to new innovative events and to extending existing events to get people’s imagination fired, which will immediately result in real activity.

The improved walking and cycle-ways round the Harbour provide new areas for sporting events, and much more could be done on our varied terrain for mountain biker and joggers.

The truth of the evolution of Humans is that we have evolved with everyday physical activity as a must for survival. Now it is a must for our health and happiness, as well as a good vehicle for social engagement.

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