Minutes Executive Council meeting 13 September 2010

Living Streets Aotearoa Inc 

Minutes of Executive Council Meeting

Held 13 September 2010

Meeting held by telephone conference call

Present:  Andy Smith, Mike Mellor, Rhys Taylor, Daphne Bell, Liz Thomas, Meg Christie, Chris Teo-Sherrell, Gay Richards (took the minutes)

Apologies: Peter Kortegast, Chris for lateness, Willemijn Vermaat

Confirmation of Minutes of 9 August 2010 meeting

Resolved: Andy, Daphne, carried

That the minutes of Executive Council meeting held 9 August 2010 be confirmed.


Matters arising

Andy has put the Executive Workplan put on Google Docs.

ACTION: Andy will email the Workplan to Executive as well.

Director’s Report

Waiting for final figures for Walking Conference. The participants survey results and conference papers are now on the website.

Golden Foot Walking Awards report circulated.

MoT meeting – Andy attended by phone. Government Policy Statement may be reviewed. It was acknowledged that Living Streets has added value. NZTA was at the meeting. There was an opportunity to bring up issues e.g. Graeme Easte’s law change proposal (permitting walkways on motorway corridor as cycleways currently are) – now with Ian McAuley at MoT.

Still waiting on NZTA for funding decision – Living Streets & CAN in same position.

RFP for tender expected soon – Andy & Rhys will look out for it on GETS.

ACTION: Andy to talk to Graham Lindup, CAN chairman,  as soon as possible.

Auditor’s fee $2,300. May need to reconsider appointment of auditor before next year’s accounts are completed.

Office - CAN now principal lease holder from 1st October.. Liz recommends keeping office to Oct 31, and possibly come to some arrangement with CAN to the end of the year.

Our Professional Idemnity and Public Liability insurance policies are due for renewal. .Need more information from insurer on current basis of policy. Financial Report

Resolved: Andy, Meg, carried

That the financial report for the months of July and August 2010 be received.

Expenditure on Golden Foot Walking Awards discussed. Sponsorship didn’t quite meet total expenditure but Chris commented that this was a valuable activity. Cost of awards about $3,500 - $4,000.

Business Continuity

Recommendations from Liz’s paper discussed.

Resolved: Mike, Gay carried

That the Director’s contract be extended to 31 October 2010. Subject to finance, Andy, Daphne, Mike & Rhys to negotiate a casual contract for Director for some hours to the end of the year.  

Fiona Whero’s contract finishes end of September. Meg will arrange a thank you from the Executive for Fiona.

Meeting dates / times

Next meeting 8 November, 6pm – Andy will be in Morocco. Rhys will chair meeting.

General Business

Footprints – need to consider the future cost of Footprints

Covering previously paid roles – to be on next agenda.

Pedestrian safety project – Susan Cambridge and Fiona Whero are working on this. Agreed that some extension of time should be claimed due to impact on their work of the Canterbury earthquake.

Meg noted that the executive handbook – portfolio-holders also need to be reviewed.

Gay noted the launch of Easy Transport Auckland – a promotional coalition of Cycle Action Auckland, Campaign for Better Transport, Living Streets Aotearoa and Walk Auckland. Website: www.easytransportauckland.org.nz

Meeting closed 7.52pm

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